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Looking for a fun spring or summer project? Try one of these crochet wall decor patterns!

The walls in our house need some serious help.

We’ve been living in our townhome for around 8 months but I still haven’t gotten decor up.

That always happens to me. When we moved in I had all these ideas for decor. I obsessed over the perfect wall color (Repose Gray was the winner!), floor colors and light fixtures until I got a bit burnt out.

Fast forward and here we are with a clock, a calendar and 3 hexagon shelves between the kitchen and the living room…

Does the thermostat count as decor?

All joking aside I need to get on this and maybe you’re having a similar issue. Never fear! I found us some inspiration!

Here are 9 fabulous crochet wall hanging patterns from some seriously talented ladies! Enjoy!

Geometric Wall Hanging | by Meg Made With Love

Sunset Wall Hanging | by Hook Yarn Carabiner

Boho Crochet Wall Hanging | by Whistle & Ivy

Textured Wall Hanging | by Crochet With Kath

Boho Wall Hanging | by Cream of the Crop Crochet

Marlow Wall Hanging | by Crochet Pretty

Crochet and Woven Wall Hanging | by Meg Made With Love

Beach Babe Crochet Wall Hanging | by Wildflower Crochet Co.

That’s Amore Wall Hanging Pattern | by Sea to Sky Designs

That's Amore Wall Hanging Pattern | by Sea to Sky Designs
That’s Amore Wall Hanging Pattern
by Michelle at

I hope you’ve enjoyed these clever crochet wall decor ideas as much as I have!

What kind of crochet projects do you like to work on when the weather warms up?

Comment below and let us know which of these ideas was your favorite!

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