31 Best Gifts to Get for Crafters!

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Are you trying to figure out what gift to get for a crafter in your life? This list of 31 best gifts for crafters has you covered!

It can be tricky to know what to get for craft lovers unless you share the same hobbies. A curated craft subscription box is an awesome gift idea that they’ll love.

These monthly boxes take all the guesswork out of craft projects. Most of them include supplies, patterns, video instructions, extra gifts, and more.

In the list below, you’ll find 31 different craft kits for all sorts of different creative hobbies. You might even decide to pick up one for yourself!

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craft in style box

1. Craft in Style Box

Craft & DIY Supplies to Make Your Own Pinterest Style Handmade Goods

The Craft in Style Box is the perfect gift box for modern crafters! Each month they’ll receive everything they need to make a trendy Pinterest-worthy craft.

If you know a crafter who likes to try new things, this is an awesome gift for them and they’ll be so excited to receive it!

craft kitsune kit

2. Craft Kitsune

Monthly craft supply kits featuring unique crafting mediums

The Craft Kitsune box features hard to find craft supplies including UV resin and super cute Kawaii themed supplies straight to your crafter’s door every month!

Each project is unique and well-curated, and they come with step by step YouTube tutorials and instructions.

This box is perfect for tweens, teens and adults and is one of my favorite best gifts to get for crafters!

knit wise box

3. Knit Wise

Knit and crochet projects for all skill levels, delivered monthly

The Knit Wise monthly subscription box includes everything you need to make a crochet or knit project, including instructions, yarn and even tools!

They have options for beginners or more experienced crafters, and they even have a yarn only option if you already have the proper equipment.


farmhouse sewing craft kit

4. Stockwell Lane

Farmhouse style sewing projects with materials and instructions

If you know someone who loves farmhouse style and want to practice sewing, the Stockwell Lane box is a great gift for them!

This kit includes a different theme each month and comes with quality fabrics, patterns, and instructions to create a fun and easy project.

Perfection isn’t really part of the farmhouse style, so it’ll be a fun and relaxing project regardless of their skill level.

makerly crate

5. Makerly Crafts

A monthly craft kit subscription box

Makerly Crafts is the perfect monthly subscription for craft addicts! You’ll receive a box every month with all the materials, tools, and instructions you need to try your hand at a brand new craft project.

Past projects have included kits for macrame, needle felting, crochet, Christmas ornament making, and resin pressed flower jewelry.

poppy's hobbies kit

6. Poppy’s Hobbies

DIY Decor craft kits

Each Poppy’s Hobbies kit is based on the season or the holiday! They include a craft item (wood or MDF) and all accessory items needed to complete the craft.

Those may include: paint, ribbon, embellishments, vinyl decals, etc.

bohemstyle kit

7. Bohemstyle DIY Jewelry

DIY Jewelry Kit with high quality materials and tutorials

The BohemStyle DIY Jewelry Kit contains all the high-quality materials you’ll need to make two unique pieces of jewelry. Plus access to step by step video tutorials to guide you through the process!

Possible options include a pair of earrings and a bracelet, a necklace and a bracelet, a pendant and earrings, etc.

adults and crafts crate

8. The Adults and Crafts Crate

Trendy craft projects for adults with all of the tools, materials and instructions included!

The Adults & Crafts Crate is a thoughtfully curated craft subscription box for adults & teens to create fun and trendy projects. It includes step by step instructions, plus tools, materials, and everything needed to learn a new craft!

Every month it features a different craft such as wood-burning, engraving, wine carriers, epoxy resin coasters, & more! This is a popular choice on the list of best gifts to get for crafters.

Project Home DIY box

9. Project Home DIY

DIY Project Box delivered right to your door

Project Home DIY is a monthly subscription box with all you need to make your very own trendy home decor project.

All the materials, supplies, and easy to follow instructions are included in the box each month! Learn new tips and tricks from the professionals and take your crafting to the next level with these fun DIY home decor projects!

Cora Crea Crafts box

10. Cora Crea Crafts

Monthly Timeless Vintage Ephemera & Crafts Supplies for Planners, Journalers & Scrapbookers

The Cora Crea Crafts box is full of timeless vintage-themed ephemera pieces for your crafts.

Each box will include a wide variety of vintage themed washi tape, stickers, stamps, papers, note cards, and other ephemera.

YaRNaBLE subscription box

11. YaRNaBLE

Supercharge your creativity and bring a monthly dose of joy to your mailbox!

yARNaBLE is a subscription box for yarn lovers and fiber artists of all experience levels!

Each box includes a monthly surprise of luxury hand-dyed Hypnotic Yarn, and 2-3 indulgent sample-sized treats and/or notions designed to delight and inspire.

STICKII club sticker box

12. STICKII Club

The monthly subscription plan for creative individuals all around the world!

The STICKII Club box is the perfect gift fo the sticker lover and stationary addict in your life!

Each month you’ll receive the world’s cutest stickers, with different subscription options so you can choose your packs based on your preferences! They’re perfect for decorating journals, cards, planners, and more.

Sew What Box

13. Sew What Box

A craft box for beginner sewists and craft lovers!

The Sew What Box includes new sewing tools and gadgets plus how-to videos showing how to assemble each month’s pre-cut sewing projects.

Ready-to-sew projects will include items like blankets, bags, stuffed animals, table runners, beach bags, and home décor. Recommended for adults and kids ages 8+

Hearts on Fiber box

14. Hearts on Fiber

A monthly curated kit with beginner crochet and knitting projects

Every month, the Hearts on Fiber team will send out curated materials and instructions for a different crochet or knit project.

The projects are simple enough for beginner knitter or crocheter, but fun for all levels!

Southern Skeins yarn crate

15. Southern Skeins

Hand Dyed Sock Yarn Monthly Subscription Crate

Southern Skeins is a hand-dyed yarn box perfect for the knitter or crocheter in your life. Send yourself or someone a squishy treat of hand-dyed yarn!

Each box includes a 100-gram skein plus a coordinating 20-gram mini skein. In addition to the yarn, the box includes a progress keeper/stitch marker and a little treat.

Cheery Bird Vintage craft box

16. Cheery Bird Vintage

Vintage Ephemera For Your Junk Journals and Other Creative Projects

The Cheery Bird Vintage box is the perfect gift for junk journalers and ephemera enthusiasts! Choose between the Junk Jounaler’s Delight or Vintage Ephemera boxes.

Both monthly boxes include a selection of vintage items including postcards, letters, stamps, photos, recipes, advertisements, maps, and more. In addition, the Junk Journaler’s Delight box will include vintage trims, buttons, and more.

Zaddison Art Journals box

17. Zaddison Art Journals

Craft Surprise junk journals sent straight to your door!

Zaddison Art Journals is a subscription box for the writer, poet, artist, creator, or memory keeper in your life.

Each box includes a completely unique junk journal with a variety of pages, tuck pockets, ephemera, belly bands & more to embellish and make your own or gift to a friend.

My Garden Box

18. My Garden Box

Creative and crafty garden collections

Each monthly Garden Box includes a unique plant theme with everything needed to build a relaxing, rewarding, and enriching garden project!

With visually illustrated instructions, simple garden care tips, and properly portioned ingredients, assembly is fun & easy!

Succulents monthly box

19. Succulents Monthly

Get a high-quality, curated collection of succulent plants, pots, media, and fun gardening goodies!

Each Succulents Monthly box includes healthy succulents, the right potting mix, and everything else needed to be a successful plant parent each month!

This is the perfect gift crate for the plant lover or green thumb in your life. Also if you know someone who does macrame, these succulents would be perfect to fill all the plant hangers they’ve been making!

Hopebroidery Box

20. The Hopebroidery Box

Monthly hand embroidery subscription box full of everything needed to learn hand embroidery!

The Hopebroidery Box is a monthly subscription service for hand embroidery!

Each monthly box includes everything needed to complete that month’s project, including a stitch by stitch video tutorial. You can also choose the mini box, which includes just the pattern and tutorial link.

Terra Create box

21. Terra Create

DIY Maker Kits for Ages 9 to Adult

Terra Create is a monthly craft box for tweens, teens, and adults who want to make gifts & keepsake projects while learning new crafting skills!

Kits feature artisan quality tools with an emphasis on natural materials and themes. Learning modules in each kit makes this a great addition to a home-school curriculum.

Happy Hook Crochet box

22. Happy Hook Crocheting

Supplement your yarn addiction by crocheting awesome blankets quarterly or a different item monthly

Every Happy Hook Crocheting box comes with enough yarn for a project, an exclusive pattern, and a few surprise extras!

The BlanketBox is perfect for those who love large crocheting projects, while the QuickProject box is perfect for trying out different yarns and quicker patterns.

Project Box Monthly

23. Project Box Monthly

Quality DIY Projects for Your Crafting Pleasure

Designed for crafters, and those who want to be. Project Box Monthly is the perfect blend of learning and doing.

Experienced crafters will appreciate the quality, and pick up a few tips while refining their techniques. Budding crafters will experience success with the detailed instructions and “goof proof” approach.

Season of the Stitch box

24. Season of the Stitch

Modern cross stitch kits with witty designs for unique holidays! 

Season of the Stitch is a monthly subscription box that merges a classic American handicraft with modern humor!

Each cross-stitch box includes a witty pattern that coincides with a funny holiday of the month, like World Party Day or Twin Peaks Day, along with instructions, color key, a 6″x6″ stretched Aida stitching canvas, 3 to 13 colors of floss, and needle.

Paletteful Packs

25. Palatteful Packs

Everything you need to create a work of art!

Paletteful Packs is a monthly art subscription service that wants to bring the best art supplies to you, no matter your age or skill level!

Every box includes everything you need to create a work of art.

indiestitch sewing box

26. Indie Stitch

A sewing box to explore indie pattern designers, styles, and fabric

IndieStitch features a digital garment sewing pattern from an indie pattern designer.

Each monthly box includes everything needed to complete the project, plus a copy shop print of the pattern pieces! No printing or taping required!

Art Snacks box

27. Art Snacks

Discover your new favorite art supplies, monthly

ArtSnacks is a subscription box of unique, high-quality art supplies, with a mission to inspire people through the discovery of amazing art materials.

Every month, subscribers discover new products, limited-edition tools, exclusive supplies, and learn useful techniques.

the catered creative craft box

28. The Catered Creative

All-Inclusive Monthly Craft Kits for Adults to complete a Trendy Pinterest-Worthy Creative Project

The Catered Creative is a monthly craft subscription kit for individuals who love to be creative in many forms.

Each monthly box teaches new creative skills in a craft kit that contains everything needed to complete one trendy Pinterest-worthy craft project, plus a live step by step video tutorial.

the inky box

29. The Inky Box

A monthly selection of lettering and calligraphy supplies, all hand-picked by Sarah @theinkyhand!

The Inky Box includes a monthly selection of lettering and calligraphy tools, supplies, and greeting cards designed by your favorite lettering artists — all hand-picked by Sarah @theinkyhand!

Leither Collection box

30. Leither Collection

A monthly crochet kit subscription box

The Leither Collection subscription box includes a new crochet hook, hand-dyed yarn, crochet patterns, and stitch markers in each monthly box!

Choose from the natural box which includes natural crochet hooks, or add a pop of color with the funfetti box! Everything a crocheter needs to make a fun project.

Paradise Fibers box

31. Paradise Fibers

Get inspired with a themed box of wool roving, top, and more fiber for the yarn spinning enthusiast

Each Paradise FIbers monthly box is a new and exciting experience that includes exclusive fiber blends and a newsletter with tips, tricks, and tutorials!

Recipients enjoy exclusive goodies and discounts and can immerse themselves in an online community.

In Summary

I hope this list of the best gifts to get for crafters has been helpful and inspiring. There’s nothing more thoughtful and fun to get as a creative person than a bunch of new craft supplies!

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31 Best Gifts to Get for Crafters!

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