Clear the Clutter in Your Home Fast | A Guide For Crazy Busy Moms

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in clutter and don’t know how to clear it out?

Are you tired of the piles of toys, old mail, wrinkled clothes, and other random stuff taking up your precious counter space?

It’s so easy to let things pile up when you’re a busy mom. There are meals to cook, laundry to wash, places to go, diapers to change, it’s a constant battle to get everything done in an organized fashion.

When it comes to clearing the clutter in your life, there are lots of ways to go about it. Before you can start making your day to day life more organized, you need to get all the existing clutter under control.

Keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks to declutter your home and life ASAP!

How to Clear the Clutter In Your Home Fast for Crazy Busy Moms | Declutter

Do A Clutter Clearing Purge

Getting rid of the clutter you already have is the most important first step to having a more organized life. And a more organized life means more time to do the things you really want to be doing!

You can make to-do lists and fill out planners all day, but if your house is in chaos, it’s really hard to make meaningful progress.

The smallest amount of clutter can easily build and become a hot mess. The most straightforward way to get started is with a major housewide clutter purge.

Make a master plan to purge one room at a time so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Put it on your calendar in big letters and stick to your plan no matter what.

Weekly Planner | Clear the Clutter

Pick a time that your kids will be at school or out of the house for a while.

If you have young kids or homeschool, consider sending them over to Grandma’s house for the day, or set them up in another room for a few hours with their favorite movies.

You need some uninterrupted time to focus and that can be hard to come by as a mom. Don’t let anything stop you, this is important!

Plan an easy crockpot meal for the evening so you don’t have to worry about getting dinner ready and you can focus.

Put on some upbeat music or listen to an audiobook while you do this to make it more enjoyable. Get a big glass of water too, you gotta hydrate!

Glass of water with Grapefruit slice | Clear the Clutter

Ok, time to get started!

The best place to start is with drawers and cabinets because, at least in my house, these are some of the most cluttered areas of each room.

Empty out the drawers and cabinets one at a time. Pile everything up on the counter or on the floor out of the way.

Vacuum and wipe out the inside, and then sort through everything that was in there. Make designated piles for each type of thing. 

Depending on which room of the house you’re working on, you may have a lot of small things like batteries or rubber bands. Put them in a zip-top bag together, push all the air out of the bag, and zip it up. 

Random Junk Drawer Stuff | Clear the Clutter

Throw away anything that has no purpose, and put anything that belongs elsewhere in its proper home.  If you have a bunch of old jars or butter containers that you thought you might use but don’t, recycle them.

It is easy to keep things that you think you might use later, and then forget about them. You’re losing valuable cabinet space for no good reason!

Are you really going to use that mayonnaise jar or egg crate? Or is it just going to sit in the cabinet with the 45 others you’ve saved? (I speak from experience, here.)

Some of those things are great for storing paint or craft supplies, but if they’ve been sitting there for months and you haven’t used them yet, it’s time to give them the boot.

A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used an item in a year or more, you probably don’t need it. Get rid of items that you don’t absolutely need.

Purging the clutter you’ve had for years can be really hard. Just know that if you tough it out and get rid of the things that are no longer serving any useful purpose, you’re home (and life) will be so much more organized.

You’re doing great!

Lady tossing confetti | Clear the Clutter

If you have some items that you can’t make a decision about yet, designate a box to be the “maybe” pile.

Put all your undecided items in the box and leave it somewhere out of sight for a month, like in the garage or guest bedroom.

After that time, if you haven’t needed anything from the box, its time to send that stuff packing.

Do this same process in the closets, shelves, bookcases, and pantry. Go one room at a time and don’t try to do it all in one day!

Seriously, don’t try to do your whole house at once. If the clutter is severe, it might take a few days to a week per room.

No judgment. You’re doing your best, just take it one step at a time! You got this!

Sell some stuff

Woman putting money in piggy bank | Clear the Clutter

Another great idea to declutter and embrace a more minimalistic lifestyle and make some extra cash is to sell the stuff you don’t need.

Either put it on eBay, take it to a consignment store, or plan a garage sale.

Consignment stores are a great place to sell clothes you don’t need but are still in good shape, furniture, and your kids’ toys that they’ve outgrown.

One word of advice: do some research on your sale items before you list them or put them in your garage sale!

My husband collects or has collected video games, movies, comic books, and baseball cards and when he’s gone to sell some of them, it was shocking to see how much they were worth.

Before you put them on a table in your garage sale for a quarter apiece, look it up on eBay! You’ll make more money and you won’t end up kicking yourself later.

Get Organized with Organizers

Pantry Organizers | Clear the Clutter

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Once you get everything sorted, you need to keep it that way! Get drawer organizers with sections for different things and some of your cabinets may need organizing units, too.

There are different kinds of organizers for each room and each type of drawer or cabinet. Think dressers, bathroom drawers, kitchen drawers, and random stuff drawers (not junk drawers, because we’re getting rid of all the junk, right?)

If you don’t have enough storage space, consider investing in some organizational furniture to keep things neat. There are options for any budget, it doesn’t have to be fancy!

Here are some super helpful organizers, they really make a world of difference when it comes to staying on top of the clutter.

Random Stuff Drawer Organizers

It helps to have a lot of small compartments in your junk drawer to keep things in order. Depending on the size of your drawers you can get an all-in-one unit or several containers that go together.

Kitchen Organizers

Having an organizer for your silverware, knives, skillets, baking sheets, spices, etc., is a huge help and will save you time when you’re preparing meals and cleaning up afterward.

Dresser and Closet Organizers

Keep your socks and undies nice and neat and your clothes organized and wrinkle-free with these handy organizers. Plus, making use of vertical space increases your storage capacity by a ton!

Cube Organizer Shelves

These things are so handy for organizing just about anything. I have a few of them in my bedroom and the kids’ room. The first one below is the exact one I have and I love it so much! It’s super sturdy and well made.

Bathroom Organizers

Instead of piling all your makeup in a drawer or bag, try one of these convenient drawer organizers.

Get the bathroom cabinets and counters organized while you’re at it! These organizers will get your bathroom super streamlined and uncluttered.

Baby and Kids Organization

Our little ones have so many accessories! Keep everything easy to find and easy to put away with these storage solutions.

Creating a space for everything will make it easier to maintain, and it’s so much easier to stick to a routine when it’s simple and straightforward.

Plus, it’ll be faster to put everything away, so you’ll save time, too! Win-win!

Put things away as you go

Dishes on the Counter | Clear the Clutter

Putting things away as you go along is something that took me a while to embrace, but once you start, it’s a life-changing revelation!

Don’t leave stuff out with the intention of putting it away later. Seriously, don’t do it.

It’s way too easy to keep putting it off and then the stuff just sits there for weeks and throws off your Feng shui.

If you pick up as you go, your home will naturally stay more organized.

When you go to clean you won’t have to spend an hour putting away all the stuff that’s not in its place beforehand.

Cooking dinner is one of the prime times this comes into play. Don’t leave all your spices, seasonings, or condiments sitting on the counter.

Spices | Clear the Clutter

Also, as hard as it might seem when you’re exhausted at the end of the day, clean your kitchen after you make dinner. If you leave it until the next morning, it’s 10 times nastier, and no one likes waking up to old food.

To make your life easier, give your kids kitchen-cleaning duty after dinner. 

Depending on their age, they might be able to do the whole job, and it builds character (and give you a break!) 

Try to resist the urge to follow them around and redo everything your way, believe me, I get it. You can always fix the things that drive you crazy after they’ve left the room… kidding, sort of.

Silverware holder | Clear the Clutter

Create a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

One of the best ways to keep your home organized and clean is to set a weekly cleaning schedule.

Designate a day of the week for certain cleaning tasks. That way, you don’t have to get behind and try to cram a week’s worth of cleaning into one day.

Clean sink | Clear the Clutter

There are certain tasks you need to do every day, like dishes, vacuuming, wiping down the kitchen counters, etc., so include those on your schedule. Then, add at least one additional BIG cleaning task for each day.

For example, Monday is laundry day, on Tuesday mop the floors, etc.

I talk about this more in this article about organizing our life as a stay at home mom as well. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all the to-do lists mom life entails.

Making a weekly cleaning schedule will make sure your house stays clean as well as organized! Also, you’ll save an amazing amount of time.

In Conclusion

Organized Home | Clear the Clutter

Follow these steps and your home will be decluttered in no time flat!

It’s ok if you don’t get it done all at once. This is a process. Give yourself plenty of time and take breaks as you go.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Enlist your husband, mom, sister, or your best friend to come lend a hand! Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can really help if you’re feeling stuck.

Get your kids to help! Kids are great at taking everything out of drawers and cabinets, my toddler cleans my kitchen cabinet out every day!

(Ok, putting cookie sheets and muffin tins all over the house isn’t really what I had in mind, but you know… he tries.)

What’s the hardest part of decluttering for you? Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Please let us know how you clear the clutter in the comments below!

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