How to Make a Crochet Temperature Blanket (Free Guide!)

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Do you want to try making a temperature blanket this year?  You’ll learn everything you need to know to make your own temperature blanket project this year in this step by step guide!

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This is the first year I’m making a crochet temperature blanket, and I thought I’d share all of my plans, some free printable charts, and more so we can tackle this exciting and fun year-long crochet project together.

Starting on January 1st, I’ll be crocheting a row a day (hopefully) until the end of the year!

I’m super excited about this project, and I hope you are too!

Be sure to check out the Facebook group and come share pictures of your progress and words of encouragement while we try to stay motivated.  

I know we all start out super jazzed, thinking we’ll crochet a row every day this year and keep up with it and we got this!  But then life tends to happen and we get a little derailed, and yeah.

So, I figured it would be nice to share updates in the Facebook group for a little extra accountability.  Don’t feel discouraged if you get behind, you can always play catch-up later!

You have until the end of the year, and as long as you record all the temperatures you have as long as you want to get it finished.

And if you forget to record them, you can always go back and look it up later online. See, no pressure!

Free Printable Temperature Blanket Charts

I made some printable planner sheets you can use to plan out your temperature blanket this year and you can grab a copy of them by signing up for my email list below!

There are 4 free printable sheets, which include:

  • temperature range color key
  • daily temperature calendar to record the day’s temperature
  • overview planner sheet where you can record the hook size, yarn type, and all the other important info
  • notes sheet to write notes while you’re working
printable 2024 crochet temperature blanket planning sheets

These are the exact same sheets I’m using this year to plan out my crochet blanket.  They’re very handy!

I printed out the color key on card stock so I could punch out holes along the side and tie on a sample of each yarn color.

temperature yarn swatch page 2024 crochet temp blanket

You can do that too, or you could just tape a piece on there, or skip the sample part all together and just write out the colors.  It’s up to you!

Since I haven’t actually completed this blanket yet, I can’t give you a definitive finished size and all that.

However, I have done some samples and a bit of math, and I know roughly how big this blanket should turn out.  

Below, you’ll find the free pattern that I’ll be following, including the yarn, hook size, and all the important info you’ll need to know if you want to follow along with me this year.

Fun Fact: 2024 is a leap year, so we’ll be doing 366 rows instead of 365! The daily temp calendar printable has an extra day in February to account for that, so you’re good to go!

Temperature Blanket Rules

Really, you can do whatever you want.  It’s your blanket!

But there are some basic rules that people usually follow to make the process go smoothly.

First, you have to decide if you’re going to go with the average temperature for the day, or the day’s high temperature.

For my blanket, I’m going with the high temp.  But you do you!

Typically, you’ll be going with the current year temps, but another fun way to do this project is to look up the temps for a previous year.  

Maybe the year you got married, or the year one of your kids was born, or any other important or special year you want to immortalize in gorgeous blanket form.

There are lots of different ways to go about the temperature blanket.

You’ll crochet a row for each day, so that means you’ll have 365 rows, unless it’s a leap year (like 2024!) which means you’ll have 366!

How much yarn you’ll need can be a little tricky to figure out because you just won’t know until the year is over how many days will be what temperature.

After lots of research, I feel safe going with 2 skeins of each color, and I have 10 main colors, so that makes 20 skeins of worsted weight yarn.

Brava Tweed yarn in a basket

The skeins I’m using are 100 grams each, and 218 yards.

If I run out of a color, I’ll have to buy more later, but I’m not too worried.

It’s a good idea to go with a yarn that you know you can get more of later if you do end up running out of a certain color.

Below you’ll see all the info for the blanket I’m making if you want to use the same yarn and pattern.  I made a gauge swatch and estimated the finished blanket size using the swatch.  

I’m really excited to see how it turns out!

Yarn Colors and Color Combination Ideas

This is one of the fun but also daunting parts of planning out a temperature blanket. What colors should you use?

Well, that all depends on your personal tastes and how you want your finished blanket to look.

You can go for traditional bright colors, or use different colors like pastels, muted tones, neutrals, grays, or whatever you want!

You’ll just need to assign each range of temperatures a specific color, and beyond that you can really get creative with it.

The most important thing is to keep a temperature chart so you can easily look and see what color you need to use for each day while you’re working on your temperature afghan.

I decided to use a slightly muted but mostly colorful selection of yarns, pairing some taupes and nice, muted colors with a few brighter colors for the low and high temperature extremes.

2024 crochet temperature blanket yarn swatches

That way I’m thinking most of my blanket will be a pretty calm color scheme, but the cold and hot days will add in some fun bright pops of color.

Different Types of Temperature Blankets

There are so many different types of temperature blanket patterns out there, just go take a look on Pinterest and you’ll come up with gobs of them!

I’ve seen patterns for temp blankets using granny squares, granny stripe patterns, basic single crochet stitches or double crochet for the entire blanket, hexagons, Tunisian crochet blankets, C2C, scarves, snakes, dresses, you name it.

The blanket I’m making is pretty tame, but I love the yarn I’m using and I know this blanket will get a lot of use for years to come.

I love a simple pattern that doesn’t take too much brain power, and that’s what I’m going for with this pattern.

2024 Crochet Temperature Blanket – Plan & Free Pattern 

Materials & Notions

Yarn: Brava Tweed worsted weight yarn

2024 Pick!
Brava Tweed Worsted Weight Yarn

This is the yarn I'm using for my 2024 Temperature Blanket. It's affordable, super soft and has little flecks of white, black, and brown so it coordinates easily with furniture and other decor.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Here’s my color palette:

  • Poinsettia (Red)
  • Rosefinch (Pink)
  • Pumpkin Bread (Orange)
  • Goldenrod (Yellow)
  • Wasabi (Green)
  • Mink (Taupe)
  • Boysenberry (Purple)
  • Elderberry (Dark Blue)
  • Kanai (Teal)
  • Heron (Light Blue)
  • Asphault (Dark Gray, almost Black)
  • Stratus (Light Taupe)

Hook: Size I or 5.5 mm Furls crochet hook (I love these hooks!)

Top Hook Choice
Furls Crochet Hooks

The crochet hooks are not only super comfortable and ergonomic, but they're also beautiful works of art! Furls crochet hooks come in all sorts of beautiful colors, and they have a lovely natural wood line that is so wonderful to use.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Projected Finished Blanket Size: Approx. 70″ x 90″

Gauge: 18 stitches and 16 rows in a 4″ x 4″ square

Stitch used: Moss or Linen stitch

Moss Stitch Crochet Temperature Blanket Pattern

Foundation Row: Chain 248.

Row 1: Sc in 4th ch from hook, ch 1.  *Sk next ch, sc in next ch, ch 1.  Repeat from * until you reach the last chain.  Sc in the last ch, ch 2, turn.

Row 2 – 366: Sc into first ch space from previous row, ch 1.  Work sc, ch 1 in each ch space going down the row.  Last sc will be in the space between the last sc and the ch 2 turning ch at the end of the row.

Ch 2, turn.  

My Plan for this Blanket

The pattern above is the stitch pattern I’ll be doing for each row.

For each day, I’ll check the high temperature and write it down on my calendar chart. (That’s included in the free printables, make sure you grab it!)

HOPEFULLY, I’ll go ahead and crochet that row on the day, but if I don’t have time at least I have the temperature recorded and I can get to it later.

Then when I’m ready to sit down and crochet, I’ll look at my chart to see what color I need for that temperature, and crochet my row.

For the very first day (Jan 1st), I’ll crochet my starting chain in my first color and then go ahead and do row 1, which is kind of a set up row.

Then day 2 and onward will be the same process each time.

I’m going to make sure and leave a tail that’s at least 5 inches long at the beginning and end of each row, in case I decide to do a fringe edging using the tails. Or if I end up weaving them in that will leave enough to weave in pretty easily.

But that’s the basic plan! Let me know if you have any questions down in the comments, and please come join the Facebook group as well.

I’ll be in there frequently and that’s the best place to ask me any questions and also share your progress!

Good luck on your crochet temperature blanket! Let’s cheer each other on and finish this thing!

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How to Make a Crochet Temperature Blanket (Free Guide!)

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