punch needle pillow

Punch Needle Pillow // Easy DIY Tutorial

Looking for a super fun DIY home decor project?  Try making a punch needle pillow! This punch needle pillow DIY is super easy, even if sewing isn’t your strong suit (like me). When I was planning this project out, I...

embroidery stitches with a punch needle

How to do Embroidery Stitches with a Punch Needle

Did you know you can do embroidery stitches with a punch needle?  You can! Traditionally, the looped side is the “right” side in punch needle embroidery, but the flat side also can look really cool. Technically there’s no “right side”...

punch needle wall hanging fiber art

DIY Punch Needle Art Wall Hanging Tutorial

If you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest lately, you’ve probably come across one of those gorgeous woven fiber art wall hangings.  You know the ones, with the fringe and the beautiful textures and colors. Today I’ll show you how to make...

Punch Needles and Fabrics

8 Essential Punch Needle Tips for Beginners

Have you been thinking about trying out Punch Needle embroidery? Before you jump in head first, here are 8 essential punch needle tips to get you started off right. My eBook Punch Needle Basics is now available in my shop,...

Gather your punch needle supplies

Punch Needle for Beginners: Tutorial

Gather round!  Today I’m going to share with you a Punch Needle for Beginners Tutorial. What is punch needle, you ask?   Punch needle is a fiber craft/art that involves punching loops of thread or yarn through a woven foundation fabric.  ...