Easy & Colorful Macrame Wall Hanging (Free Pattern and Tutorial!)

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Learn how to make this colorful and simple macrame piece that will look perfect in your living room with this step-by-step tutorial and video!

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This macrame pattern is a very beginner friendly home decor project that uses a few simple knots, a wooden dowel and some cotton macrame cord.

The knots we’ll be using in this free DIY macrame wall hanging pattern are:

  • lark’s head knot
  • square knots
  • half knot spirals
  • double half hitch knots
  • Rya knots

Before we get started, if you don’t know some of these knots (or any of them)- I got you covered!

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My favorite place to buy cord for macrame projects is from a shop called Niroma Studio.

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If you’re looking for suggestions on macrame supplies, check out my post here with all of my favorite supplies and where I get them.

Supplies You’ll Need

Video Tutorial

You can check out the step by step video tutorial for this project over on my YouTube channel.

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Free and Easy Colorful Macrame Wall Hanging Free Pattern

Step 1: Attach cords to the dowel

Take one of your 10 pieces of 5 mm cord, fold it in half and attach it to the wooden dowel using a lark’s head knot.

Repeat that with the rest of the cords, attaching them all with lark’s head knots and space them out evenly.

start by attaching 10 ropes to a dowel with lark's head knots

Step 2: Add colorful cord

Flip the whole thing around to the other side, and loosen the lark’s head knot on the far left.

loosen the first knot and thread one of the colorful cords through it and tighten it back up

Take one of your pieces of colorful cord (whichever color you want to start with, I went with brown), fold it in half and thread it through the lark’s head knot.

Tighten the knot back up.

colorful cord evenly threaded through lark's head knot and ready to start square knot sennit

You’re going to use the colorful cord as the working cords and the natural colored cord will be the filler cord for your square knot/spiral knot sennit.

Step 3: Tie main knots

Using the colorful cord, tie 7 square knots stacked on top of each other.

first square knot tied
7 square knots finished

Now tie 12 spiral half knots stacked on each other under the square knots.

after the 12 spiral half knots, tie another 7 square knots

Last, tie 7 more square knots under the spiral knots.

bottom 7 square knots completed

Repeat that whole process for each of the cords.

tying the rest of the square knots going across using different colors to get an ombre effect

If you want to get an ombre effect like mine, use 2 cords of each color going across with 5 colors all together.

all 10 square knot and spiral half knot sennits completed with 5 different colors

Step 4: Weave in ends

Once all the knots have been tied, flip your work around to the back.

Grab your large eye needle or a crochet hook, and thread the colorful ends up under the bottom two square knots to tuck them in.

use a large eye needle to thread the colorful cord ends up through the back of the square knots

Repeat that for all the sennits, and then cut the excess colorful cord, leaving the filler cords hanging out at the bottom.

after you thread all the loose ends under a few knots, cut off the excess cord

Step 5: Double half hitch knot section

Grab your 20″ piece of natural cord, and use it as the filler cord for a row of double half hitch knots going across under the square knots.

Leave about an inch of space between the double half hitch row and the square knots so we can add some fringe.

double half hitch row completed

Step 6: Add fringe

Grab your 20 pieces of 25″ to 30″ cord and we’re going to attach them in the space we left using Rya knots.

Use one piece and attach it with a Rya knot to the far left pair of cords.

Then attach another piece with another Rya knot right above that so the two pieces of fringe are stacked on top of each other for the second row.

Repeat that across, attaching 2 pieces of fringe with Rya knots to each pair of filler cords.

After you get all the Rya knot fringe done, flip your piece around and tuck the ends of the filler cord from the double half hitch row under a knot or two and cut off the excess cord.

Step 7: Trim and finish up

Once you get all the fringe attached, it’s time to trim it up.

I used a guide line to get nice straight fringe, and you can see more details about how to do that in this post.

using a guide line to cut the fringe evenly

After you cut it the way you want it, you can untwist the rope and if you want to brush it you can do that now as well.

untwist the fringe if you want, it gives it a pretty wavy look

I prefer to untwist it and leave it like that, brushed out fringe is a little to high maintenance for me, lol.



I hope you enjoyed this simple project and make one of these lovely macrame wall hangings!

If you made one of these, please share a picture over on Instagram and tag me @marchingnorth so I can take a look. I love seeing all of your awesome creations!

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If you’re looking for more easy macrame projects, check out the tutorials below and click the macrame menu at the top of the page under the Tutorials tab to see all the free patterns available on my site!

Easy & Colorful Macrame Wall Hanging (Free Pattern and Tutorial!)

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