17 Free DIY Macrame Bracelet Patterns to Make!

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Looking for a fun macrame project to make for summer? Check out these colorful and texture-filled macrame bracelet patterns!

I rounded up 17 of the coolest macrame bracelets floating around the internet for you to check out today.

And bonus points: they have video tutorials!

It’s amazing what you can create with a few square knots, some embroidery floss, hemp or nylon cord, and maybe some wooden beads if you’re feeling frisky.

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17 Free Macrame Bracelet Patterns To Make

Let’s dive in to this list of beautiful bracelet tutorials!

But first, are you new to macrame and need to learn the basic knots?

I’ve got you covered!

Check out my free, printable macrame knot PDF with the 5 most important knots you need to make just about anything with macrame.

Now, on with the macrame bracelet patterns!

3 Simple Macrame Hemp Bracelet Patterns

3 hemp bracelets on a woman's wrist

This macrame bracelet tutorial gives all the 90’s/2000’s vibes.

If you’re looking for a more masculine, natural style, these are perfect!

And you only need to know a few knots and some hemp cord, which makes these cool macrame bracelets super beginner friendly.

The size can be customized to your desired length by adding knots or tying less- easy peasy!

6 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns

four colorful finished friendship bracelets on my wrist

Learn how to make 6 different colorful and fun friendship bracelets in this step by step tutorial!

These are a great way to entertain some crafty teens, and adults love them too.

You can use more subdued colors if you want to make them look more polished, or just go for the bright colors and have fun!

2 Color Sliding Square Knot Bracelets

These square knot bracelets are super easy to make, but by using 2 colors it gives a totally different look.

And the really cool thing is they’re reversible! If you flip them over, then look different on the other side.

Not to mention, that sliding closure makes taking them on and off infinitely easier.

Who knew you could make a simple knot look so pretty?

Josephine Knot Bracelet (2 Color)

Take a look at this beautiful, 2 color macrame bracelet pattern!

The Josephine knot in the middle is the focal point, and it really makes this bracelet stand out.

And the colors they used coordinate so well, it turned out so pretty.

You could use whatever two colors you want on the left side and right side to match your favorite outfit!

Triangle Simple Minimalistic Macrame Bracelet

This triangle bracelet design is simple and understated, but really lovely. Especially if you use contrasting colors.

I feel like this design would work well for school colors. Maybe that just came to me because my school colors were red and white, but I think it would work.

Cute Little Daisy Bracelet

Aren’t these little daisy bracelets so cute?!

This would be great to make in the spring, and a whole stack of these cute macrame bracelets would be so adorable to wear at once.

Also, these would make a perfect gift for a little girl!

Macrame Leaf Bracelet

If you’re more of a leafy person instead of a flowery person, check out this bracelet design!

This is another tasteful, understated design and would look nice with a lot of different outfits. You could even wear this one with a more fancy, dressy ensemble!

DIY Macrame Friendship Bracelet

This knot design is really cool.

It’s mainly made with just one basic macrame knot, plus the knots used for the sliding closure and to finish off the ends of the cords.

Definitely take a look at this video tutorial!

Kiss of Spring Macrame Bracelet

Oh wow, this one is really amazing.

The majority of this beautiful bracelet is made with double half hitch knots, and she shows you exactly how its done in the video.

There’s a certain way to arrange the knotting cords while you’re working, but she makes it really easy to understand.

Bonus points: she even demonstrates it with larger cord so you can really tell whats going on. Macrame School always has great tutorials!

Two Color Helix Bracelet

I just love how this twisted helix bracelet looks with two contrasting colors!

It’s a simple pattern, but the effect is breathtaking. Or breathgiving? Definitely check this one out.

Continuous Larks Head Knot Bracelet

Don’t you love the lacy effect this continuous lark’s head knot has?

It’s an easy enough pattern, but looks lovely. And you could do two colors like this example, or make a one color version that would also be pretty.

Waves Macrame Friendship Bracelet

Look, it’s fun in the sun embodied in a macrame summer bracelet!

This pattern is so fun, I’m making this one ASAP.

You gotta love this fun take on traditional friendship bracelets.

Almost Knitted Looking 2 Color Bracelet

This knot pattern is so cool! It almost looks like it’s knitted.

I feel like this bracelet looks a little fancier, so you could definitely wear it on a night out.

Beaded Macrame Bracelet Pattern

This combo of brown cord and turquoise beads is eye catching and amazing.

You could wear this one to an event as well, it has a nice polished look.

Celtic Style Macrame Bracelet

Oh my, this is so beautiful!

Another perfect example of the power of double half hitch knots. You can make so many glorious patterns with them.

Colorful Stripe Bracelet Tutorial

Check out this fun, color block bracelet pattern!

This would be the perfect time to play around with different color options and try some new combos. So cute!

Wavy Leaks Bracelet Pattern

The texture and color of this bracelet can’t be beat.

I love these seed beads and the knots together. It’s boho perfection!

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful macrame bracelet patterns and will make a few of your own.

Looking for more macrame ideas and inspiration? Check out these other posts!

17 Free DIY Macrame Bracelet Patterns to Make!

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