19 Free Half Mandala Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

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Did you know that Macrame and Mandalas are a match made in heaven?

If you have never tried combining the two in a project, or have never really thought about it, then today’s post is for you!

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In today’s post, I’m sharing 19 FREE macrame tutorials that focus on half-mandala macrame wall hangings (try to say that 5 times fast).

And the best part?

All of the free patterns I have rounded up today have a video tutorial!

So, grab your finest cup of coffee and some macrame cord, because it’s time to create some wall hangings!

19 Free Half Mandala Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

I hope you’re ready, because here we go!

Oh real quick, if you are new to macrame and need to learn the basic macrame knots, I have a FREE printable guide to the 5 most important ones right here!

NOW let’s get into these gorgeous macrame mandalas!

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging // Half-Circle (semi-Lunar)

Learn how to make this gorgeous boho Half Circle DIY Macrame wall hanging with a pop of color in this step-by-step tutorial!

This project has easy steps to follow, and the only knots you need to know are the double half hitch knot and the larks head and reverse larks head knot!

DIY Half Mandala Wall Hanging Using The 4 Basic Macrame Knots | Beginner Friendly Pattern

If you just want to focus on easy macrame beginner projects that pack a big punch, then this half mandala wall hanging is for you! 

This cute pattern uses the 3 basic knots of macrame including 1 decorative knot which is the berry knot.

It’s a fairly quick project to create and would look adorable in your office or as part of a gallery wall!

DIY Framed Macrame Wall Hanging (2 Designs!)

For those of you who are macrame-ing for the first time, this Mini Framed Macrame Wall Hanging is a great place to start! 

That is because it’s inexpensive to make, you only need 6 supplies, and the design uses basic knots!

Half Mandala Wall Hanging 06 | Advanced Macrame | Semi Circle Wall Hanging | Macrame Tutorial

If you are on the opposite end of the macrame spectrum and are looking for a half mandala pattern that is more advanced, then this pattern is for you! 

This pattern uses basic macrame supplies, but it’s more of a challenge.

However, the result is this gorgeous wall hanging that looks like you bought it from the store!  

DIY Macrame Sunflower Wall Hanging

​Do you love florals? Then check out this macrame pattern that looks like half of a large sunflower!

This is an easy DIY pattern that is made using larks head knots and double half hitch knots.

The pattern is also perfect for all skill levels, and imagine all the fun you could have making this wall hanging in different colorful macrame cords!

Large Macrame Half Mandala Wall Hanging – Semi Circular Wall Decor – New Design DIY Tutorial

For those of you who like options, this Large Macrame Half Mandala Wall Hanging gives you just that! 

In the YouTube video, you will learn not only how to make the pattern but you will also learn how to make either a short-cord version or a long-cord version.

Who doesn’t love macrame options?! 

DIY Macrame Beginner Tutorial – Berry Knot Wall Hanging!

Where are all my berry knot fans?!

If you can’t get enough of the berry knot, then check out this pattern that not only has a chunky boho look but that showcases the berry knot in a fun way!  

DIY | macrame semicircle wall hanging 

Create an elegant macrame wall hanging using this tutorial! 

My favorite thing about this pattern is the texture and look you get from the different knots in each section.

Each section has visual interest but it still looks cohesive overall. Plus, this wall hanging would make a great housewarming gift for anyone! 

How to Macrame a Half Mandala Wall Hanging

If you are looking for a boho pattern that has a balance of both neutrals and fun colors, then this wall hanging is for you! 

The macrame tutorial is broken down into eight sections, which is perfect if you are new to macrame.

It uses a combination of different colors cords and knots to give you a stunning wall hanging that looks like it took you hours to make! 

Macrame Semi Circle Wall Hanging

Now. if you really want a pop of color in your macrame mandala wall hanging, then you will love this semi circle pattern! 

First off, look at that color! The possibilities are endless with the color or color combinations you could choose.

However, the best part about this pattern is that it’s simple to follow, and incorporating the color cord is very easy! 

Multicolor Half Circle Wall Hanging | Semicircle Macramé Design | Step by Step Tutorial

Ok, so you don’t want a little bit of color or even a pop of color, you want the whole rainbow! – Trust me I totally understand! 

If you want to put all your colorful cord to good use, then this pattern is ideal for you!

The technique used in the design allows you to add layers of color and fringe. Which in turn gives you a ton of options to play around with!

Also, depending on the color cord you use, this wall hanging could look modern, vintage, or boho in style! 

DIY Semicírculo Macrame/ DIY Macrame Semicircle

Break out the wooden beads because you will need them for this fun wall hanging! 

If you have never tried adding beads to your macrame projects, you are missing out!

This is because beads can add another element of texture to your projects and can elevate the entire look.

In this design, the beads add the perfect touch and are not difficult at all to add to the pattern. 

DIY Macrame Half Mandala Wall Hanging Tutorial

If you like all the things, beads, texture, different knots, different colors, and more, then this pattern is for you! 

Everything you love about macrame has been stuffed into this one pattern! From the beads to the overall texture, I really don’t know where to begin.

I love this pattern so much and the video tutorial goes at a slow pace, which makes it even better.

Also, if that’s not enough, the pattern is beginner-friendly!

Macrame Wall Hanging DIY | macrame Half Circle | macrame tutorial

Tassel, tassel, who has the tassel? Well, this fun pattern does! 

For those of you who love adding tassels to your macrame projects, this pattern is one to definitely try.

It uses a variety of knots in some creative ways and has tassels on the bottom row to add that extra pizazz! 

How to Make: Colored Macrame Wall Hanging with beads | TUTORIAL |

If you want more colorful macrame projects to add to your list, then this pattern will be right up your alley! 

This pattern is not only easy to make but is fun to look at!

It uses basic knots along with some wooden beads and colorful cord to create a wall hanging that would look cute anywhere in your home!

Cute MACRAME WALL HANGING with semi-circle pattern and silver fringe

Yes, you read that right, sliver fringe! 

​In macrame we talk a lot about color cord but metallic cord is something special!

If using metallic cord has been on your macrame bucket list, this pattern uses it in a fun way that results in a fabulous wall hanging! 

Tutorial Macrame Wall Hanging with beads | DIY |

Is one row of wood beads not enough for you? Then why not have two rows that use different sizes of beads?!

This pattern is super simple to create, uses basic knots, and is something you could easily get done over the weekend! 

DIY Macrame Tutorial: Semi-Circle Summer/Beach Wall Hanging!

Summer is right around the corner, so why not dress up your walls with this Semi-Circe Wall Hanging?! 

The pattern itself is gorgeous on its own, but when you pair it with this unique hand-painted cord, it gives the whole piece a summer vibe!


If you love macrame and feathers, then check out this pattern!

This pattern combines colored cords, knots, beads, and feathers to create a unique pattern that you won’t find anywhere else!

The wall hanging makes a statement on its own and would look so pretty in a living room or nursery!

I hope you enjoyed this list of beautiful macrame mandalas and will try making a few of your own!

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19 Free Half Mandala Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

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  1. I love all the patterns that you share. I have made a couple of plant hangars from your pattern and I hope to make a wall hanging using some of my antlers that I have acquired.

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