21 Adorable Macrame Easter DIY Ideas to Try!

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Looking for some fun macrame Easter ideas to make this spring? I’ve got you covered!

I searched high and low, and found some really cute macrame Easter projects that you should definitely make this year.

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Learn the Basic Knots for Macrame Beginners

If you’re new to macrame, you’ll want to learn the basic macrame knots before you dive into these fun projects.  These include:

  • ​square knots
  • lark’s head knot
  • ​double half hitch knots
  • spiral knot
  • ​wrapping knot

Once you learn these 5 important but simple knots you can make any of these projects, plus tons more.

And I even have a free printable guide with step by step photos and tutorials to each one that you can download and keep nearby while you work!

​Click the button below to check out that post, and you’ll find a sign up form which will send the guide straight to your inbox for instant access.

Alright, now that we’ve gotten the basic knots down, let’s take a look at these super cute macrame Easter DIY ideas!

Adorable Bunny Ears Napkin Rings


Aren’t these macrame bunny ear napkin rings absolutely adorable?!

This would be a super quick project and perfect for your Easter dinner napkins.  You could really use these all spring long if you think they’re too cute to save for the holiday.

I bet you could easily make several of this cute Easter decoration in a couple of hours!

Macrame Hanging Basket

DIY macrame fruit basket or plant hanger

This macrame hanging basket pattern is really quick and easy, and all you have to do is fill it up with some Easter grass and colorful eggs to make it Easter themed!

After the holiday you can use it as a fruit basket, a plant hanger, or whatever else you can dream up.

It’s the perfect way to create some Easter macrame that can be used all year round.

Macrame Easter Basket

This macrame Easter basket is so pretty and unique!

You could make a few of these for the kiddos to take on their Easter egg hunt, or use it to hold colorful eggs or candy on the counter.

And it’s a great project to use some of that colorful macrame cord that you aren’t sure what to do with!

Macrame Bunny Ears Decorations

Aren’t these macrame Easter bunny ears decorations so stinkin’ cute?

I think these would be perfect for an Easter tablescape, or you could make a bunch of them and put them on a grapevine wreath to hang on your front door.

Or you could hot glue a pin on the back and wear one as a brooch!

Cute Little DIY Macrame Bunnies

Here’s another take on the macrame bunny theme.

These little guys are adorable, and I think they would also look so cute on a wreath or used as a brooch.

Hanging Macrame Easter Basket Tutorial

This cute little wall hanging Easter pouch would look so sweet with some flowers tucked inside, or a hand painted Easter egg.

Or you could fill it up with chocolates so people could grab one as they walk past. That sounds like a plan in my book!

Easter Bunny Macrame Wall Hanging

You can make so many different designs with double half hitch knots, and this Easter bunny wall hanging is a perfect example of that!

Lots of Knots Canada always has super easy to follow tutorials, so definitely give this one a look.

Macrame Bunny Bag

Oh my goodness, this macrame Easter bunny bag is just too cute!

You can make one of these adorable little bags for yourself, or if you have a daughter or granddaughter who loves bunnies, this would make a perfect handmade gift!

Another Hanging Macrame Bunny Basket

This is a really unique and clever macrame Easter bunny basket idea!

It’ll take a little bit more time to make this project, but it’s so cute that it’s worth it.

Cute Furry Macrame Bunny Pixel Art Wall Hanging

This is such a cool take on macrame pixel art!

How cool is it that she took furry yarn and used it to make a soft and realistic looking rabbit for this wall hanging?!

Macrame Bunny Face Wall Hanging

This macrame bunny Easter wall hanging has a vintage, 70s macrame vibe that is so cool.

You could make one of these cute little guys pretty quick, and it’s a great way to use up some random scraps of cord!

Macrame Bunny Rainbow DIY

I’m sure you’ve seen the cute macrame rainbows all over Pinterest, but have you seen a macrame bunny rainbow?

Well, now you have!

This is a really sweet Easter decor idea and I just love that little fluffy tail in the middle.

Macrame Egg Holders

Deck out your Easter tablescape with these beautiful, boho macrame Easter egg cups!

If you have some hand painted Easter eggs, this would be a great way to display them.

Or you could use them to show off your kids or grandkids beautiful Easter egg dye jobs!

Macrame Plant Hangers

Pinterest pin for simple macrame plant hanger tutorial

Plant hangers are the perfect project for spring, plus you can use them all year round!

Check out this list of lots of fun and free macrame plant hanger patterns that are beginner friendly. Lots of them include a video tutorial, too!

Hollow Macrame Easter Egg Decorations

What a cool idea!

Make your own lovely hollow macrame Easter egg decoration using a balloon and some string.

Cute Macrame Easter Egg Basket

This adorable Easter egg wall pocket design would be a fun project this spring!

And isn’t it just so cute with that bunny and flowers tucked inside?

Macrame Cross Wall Hangings

I love this macrame cross wall hanging, and you can even add seashells for a beautiful, beachy theme.

This project would be perfect for Easter or Christmas time!

Macrame Wall Hanging Vase for Flowers

If you’re looking for a different spin on the macrame plant hanger, check out this super cute macrame flower vase holder.

This is a really clever idea and look how pretty those daffodils look inside!

Soft and Fluffy Macrame Bunny Wall Hanging

Aww, look at that fluffy bunny butt!

This wall hanging is so cute and would be perfect to hang on the wall this Easter.

Springy Macrame Flowers

Macrame flowers are a fun project for spring, and this tutorial by Create with Jenn is one of my favorites!

This makes a smaller macrame flower that you can use for lots of different projects.

I also have a large macrame flower tutorial here if you’re looking for one that could be a stand alone wall hanging!

Macrame Semi Circle Flower Wall Hanging

I just love this sweet, spring macrame flower wall hanging!

If you made one of each of the wall hangings in this post you could have a whole feature wall of just Easter decor. How fun would that be?!

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That’s it for this post!

I hope you enjoyed this list of macrame Easter ideas and you’ll try a few of them this year!

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21 Adorable Macrame Easter DIY Ideas to Try!

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