18 Free and Easy to Make Macrame Tote Bag Tutorials

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Before you know it, Spring will be here and you will be spending more time outdoors! 

Between Spring road trips, farmer markers, and fun craft shopping what better time is there to create a macrame tote bag?!

If you have never made one and are looking for a macrame tote bag tutorial, then today’s post is for you!

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That is because I am sharing 18 FREE macrame tote bag tutorials that range from beginner to expert level! 

Plus, if that is not good enough, all these patterns have FREE video tutorials! 

18 Free Macrame Tote Bag Tutorials

DIY Macrame Bag with Comfy Braided Handles // Tutorial + Video

If you are looking for a boho macrame bag that is easy to make and has comfortable straps, then this tutorial is for you! 

With some cotton rope and basic knots, you can make a gorgeous boho-chic macrame bag that looks trendy but has comfortable straps! It’s ideal for those trips to the farmer markers because it can hold a good amount of weight without hurting your shoulder.

Plus, if you’re new to macrame, this bag is a good DIY project to try once you get the basic knots down! 

How To Make A Macrame Net Bag | Beach Bag | Summer Bag | Market Bag | Macrame Tutorial

For those of you who love the look of net bags but don’t know where to begin when it comes to making one, then check out this macrame net bag tutorial! 

In this video tutorial, you learn how to make a net bag from start to finish.

The tutorial is easy to follow for beginners and the pattern results in a gorgeous net bag that is perfect for the beach or market shopping! 

DIY | Macrame Net Bag

If you are looking for a gorgeous designer macrame bag or at least one that has that look, then this step-by-step tutorial is for you! 

In this version of a net bag, you use lark’s head knots, square knots, and alternating square knots.

All of these different knots come together to create a net bag that is not only super functional but has such visual interest. Imagine how stunning this bag would be in different color cords!

DIY Market Bag | Easy Macrame Market Bag | Macrame Bag

Sometimes macrame tote bags can be a bit flimsy, but you won’t find that with this market bag! 

In this DIY market bag tutorial, you learn how to make a market bag with Ganxxet 5mm braided cotton air rope.

This rope is more durable than your traditional cords which makes it ideal for hauling around heavier items. Plus, the rope not only helps give the bag great structure, but it results in a cute chunky look! 

Macrame Shopping Bag

If you like the look of a macrame bag that is more ”loose” in style, then this pattern is for you! 

The top portion of the macrame bag has rows of knots that are more tightly packed together.

Then, when you get to the body of the bag, the knots loosen up to create more space. This results in a fun nautical look that would be perfect to carry around all spring long!

DIY: Market Bag Macramé Net Bag NEW Knot Design

We talked about macrame bags with structure, but what about flexibility?! 

In this adorable DIY macrame bag tutorial, you use delicate knots and some stretchy cord to create a flexible bag!

This means you can put more items in your bag because the cord allows the bag to stretch. – How great would that be for a day of shopping?!

How To: DIY Macrame Market Bag [Easy]

If you love basic macrame knots like the square knot, then this market bag is for you! 

In this easy project, you learn how to use the square knot to create a fun market bag tote. This market tote is simple to put together and is ideal for any skill level.

Plus, if you don’t like making bag handles, that is fine because in this tutorial you use ribbon to make handles instead! 

DIY EASY MACRAME BAG for beginners | French Market Bag |

For those of you who are looking for beginner-friendly macrame bag patterns, this French Market Bag is a great place to start! 

Don’t let the word ”French” sound intimidating, because this pattern has easy steps to follow and depending on your speed, can be made within a few hours!

Macrame Market Bag Tutorial | DIY Shopping Bag

Do you love macrame and crochet? Then this two-part tutorial is for you! 

In the first part (shown above), you learn how to make a macrame bag. However, in the second part, you learn how to make a crochet base to add to your bag!

This crochet base is great if you want a stronger bag bottom that doesn’t have any openings.

DIY: Reversible Macrame Market Bag | How To Make A Macrame Bag | Macrame Purse Tutorial

Love options? Then why not make a reversible macrame market bag?! 

Yes, you read that right, a reversible macrame market bag! 

This amazing tutorial is an intermediate pattern, but the directions are still very easy to follow.

To make the bag, you use basic knots, along with some specialty knots, to create this fun bag that looks great at every angle!

DIY Macrame Shopping Bag For Beginners/How To Make Macrame

Do you love mixing your colorful macrame cords together? Then check out this tutorial! 

This tutorial (overall) is ideal for beginners, easy to follow, and showcases how to incorporate different colors of macrame cords together beautifully.

Plus, if you don’t like the colors of the bag in the tutorial, you can easily swap them out to fit your color taste, and style.

How To – Make A Macrame Net Bag – Crafty Patti

You can never have too many free patterns for macrame net bags! 

In this pattern, you learn how to make a macrame net bag with wrapped handles using the square knot, and alternating square knot.

If you have never made wrapped handles, don’t worry, because this tutorial walks you through it step by step. The results are truly stunning and add a great touch to the net bag!

How To Make Macrame Bag | 02 Macrame Market Bag | DIY Beach Bag

Are you looking for a simple macrame market bag that is for beginners? Then this tutorial is for you!

This step-by-step tutorial has voice-over teaching and shows you how to make this gorgeous bag from start to finish.

That pattern is easy to make and depending on your speed and experience, can be made in half a day!

DIY | Macrame net bag | tote bag | Macrame tutorial

Do you like the look of more rectangular-style macrame net bags? Then you will love this tutorial! 

In the tutorial, you learn how to make a rectangular-style tote bag with a variety of knots.

The different knots used in the tutorial allow you to create the bag in a decent amount of time, and it gives the bag tons of texture.

DIY Macrame Beach/Market Bag | Tutorial for Beginners

Raise your hand if you love tassels and texture?! If your hand is up this needs to be your next macrame project! 

This gorgeous macrame bag pattern has a little bit of everything ranging from tassels to wooden rings.

The pattern is beginner-friendly, and once finished, looks store-bought!

Plus, it’s the ideal bag size for any market or day out because it can hold all your important items like books, sunglasses, water bottles, and more. 

DIY Macrame Beach Bag Mandala Tutorial | How to make macrame bag | bamboo handles | macrame pattern

If a macrame handbag is more your style, and you love mandalas, then I have a project for you! 

This pattern combines the best of both worlds when it comes to macrame bags and mandalas.

Not only is it stunning to look at but it’s fairly simple to make and includes two wooden rings as handles, which gives it an elevated look.

Also, if you look closely at the bag, you will notice all the intricate detail that is made from your basic knots and a few specialty knots. – How amazing would this be as a gift?! 

DIY | Macrame Beach Tote bag tutorial |

Do you love simple to-make macrame bags that have a unique shape? If the answer is yes, check out this macrame beach tote bag! 

In this tutorial, you learn how to make a large macrame bag (with shoulder straps) using basic knots and 5mm cord (which gives it a thicker look).

The overall pattern is easy to follow (even for a beginner) and you end up with a beautiful bag that can be used for a day at the beach or while shopping around town.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed these super cute macrame tote bag patterns!

Looking for more macrame ideas and inspiration? Check out my latest posts!

18 Free and Easy to Make Macrame Tote Bag Tutorials

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