14 Free Macrame Mandala Wall Hanging Patterns

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Macrame Mandalas are textural, elegant, and surprisingly simple to make. What’s not to love?!

In this list of 14 Free Macrame Mandala Wall Hanging Patterns, you’ll find lots of different ideas and inspiration to create your own beautiful mandala to adorn your walls.

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A few weeks ago I shared 19 Free Half Mandala Macrame Wall Hangings, which is a similar technique to a full mandala.

The main difference is a full mandala is made on a ring and does a full 360, where a half mandala is done on a dowel and is, well, half of a mandala. (The bottom half.)

If you have made a half mandala macrame wall hanging, you can easily create a ”full” mandala pattern!  It’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

All you need to have is a solid grasp of the basic macrame knots and you’ll be ready to dive in!

Are you new to macrame? If you are and you need to learn the basic knots first, sign up below to grab my free 5 Macrame Knots guide!

Now that we covered the basics, keep scrolling to check out all of these Macrame Mandala patterns below!

14 Free Macrame Mandala Wall Hanging Patterns

Simple Macrame Mandala Wall Hanging // Tutorial & Video!

Circular macrame wall hangings are very popular right now.

They can be made in lots of different sizes, you can add in crystals or a mirror, they’re really versatile and add loads of boho style to your room decor.

Plus, when you add a mandala into the mix, you end up with a gorgeous piece of decor that is perfect for any wall space! 

Learn how to make this beautiful and simple macrame mandala wall hanging in this step-by-step tutorial and video!

Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial │ Large round macrame wall hanging │ Wall Hanging Craft Ideas Mandala

If you are looking for a fun way to incorporate color into your macrame designs, then check out this stunning wall-hanging pattern! 

This pattern uses three different colors of cord and basic macrame knots to create a stylish wall hanging that packs a big punch!

It is ideal for all skill levels and can be completed in about 2 days! – Talk about a fast project!

DIY Macramé Mandala Wall Hanging

Combine lark’s head knot and a few double half hitch knots to create this macrame mandala pattern! 

This gorgeous DIY macrame wall hanging is simple to make and the video tutorial is easy to follow.

Also, if you are always wondering about how to hang your macrame wall pieces, this video includes directions on how to do so.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Mandala Wreath Tutorial

For those of you who love to combine wood beads with your macrame, then this free pattern is for you! 

In this YouTube video, you learn how to make a mandala wreath using basic supplies and knots.

The pattern is designed for beginners and is easy to make because you are essentially creating large triangles over and over around the metal wreath form.

Also, if that is not good enough, in the video description, there is a link to written instructions (with photos) as well! 

DIY: Macrame Mandala big one

If you love macrame projects that are on the big and chunky side, then this wall hanging is for you! 

This wall hanging uses a macrame cord that is on the bigger side to create a fun piece that would look perfect in any room in your home.

Plus, the best part, is that this pattern uses basic knots!

DIY MANDALA de MACRAME (paso a paso) | DIY Macrame Mandala Wall Hanging Step by Step Tutorial

Are you looking for a macrame mandala wall hanging pattern that is simple in design and easy to make? Then check out this pattern design! 

This pattern has everything you love about macrame but is the easiest thing to make!

The combo of neutral macrame cord, fringe, and wood beads creates a stunning version of a mandala that will look perfect on any wall!

Macrame Round Wall Hanging for Mandala Mirror | Tutorial for Beginners

If you are a beginner to intermediate when it comes to your macrame skills and are looking for a quick project video to watch, then check out this tutorial! 

This tutorial is under 10 minutes and shows you how to create this round macrame mandala that can be used as a standalone piece or be paired with a mirror.

The overall design is simple to recreate and once you get one section down, the rest of the piece comes together fairly easily!

DIY Tutorial l How To Make Macrame Mandala Dreamcatcher?

Have you ever made a macrame dreamcatcher? If not, this needs to be your next project! 

Making your own macrame dreamcatcher might sound intimidating but it’s much easier to do than you might think!

For instance, in this detailed tutorial (that is over 2 hours long), you learn how to make a macrame dreamcatcher from start to finish which is perfect for beginners.

Plus, if you want to jazz it up, you can even add a few wood beads and feathers!

DIY Macrame Mandala Wall Hanging Tutorial | Boho Chic Decor

Are you looking to add some macrame to your wedding table setting? Then why not make this macrame mandala wall hanging?!

Even though it’s a wall hanging, this pattern is so elegant that you could easily skip the wall hanging part and add it directly to your wedding table!

With the hole in the middle, you could easily place a small vase of flowers or even a fake LED candle. How gorgeous would that look!

Now, if you are not getting married, this wall hanging would still be so much fun, and you could easily adjust it to fit your home decor style or even other holidays!

How to make: Macrame Mandala Step-by-step Tutorial for Beginners | Hanging Cord Method

If you want to drip your toe into making a macrame mandala, then you will love this project! 

In this simple project, you use cotton rope to create your macrame mandala, then you glue the final product to a wood frame! – Genius!  

By using this method, you can cut your macrame time in half (since you are not doing a full piece), and it gives you an instant way to hang your design.

Plus, it allows you to create a chic wall hanging in one day! – What more could a macramer ask for?!

DIY Macramé Flower Mandala

Have you ever tried the Chinese Crown Knot? 

Trying new macrame knots are always so much fun, and with this pattern, you do just that! 

Designed for beginners, this video tutorial shows you (in detail) how to use a wide variety of knots to create a stunning flower mandala that has tons of texture.

This wall hanging looks gorgeous in natural color macrame cord but how amazing would this look in other colors as well?!

Circle Macramé Wall Hanging DIY Unique Wall Decor | Dream Catcher Tutorial

Do you need more macrame dreamcatchers in your life? Then here is another one to add to your project to-do list! 

This macrame pattern uses a thinner cord to create a delicate dreamcatcher.

However, the overall dreamcatcher still packs a big punch because it incorporates wood beads, feathers, and smaller decorative knots within the cord pieces that dangle from the main hoop!

How to Accessorize a Macrame Mandala Mirror With Beads | Step-by-Step DIY Macrame Tutorial

Raise your hand if you have been wanting to make a macrame mandala mirror, but have no idea where to start. 

If your hand is up, then this tutorial is for you! 

In this video tutorial, you first learn how to make the mandala pattern (which consists of 10 mandala petals), and then you learn how to attach the mirror to the mandala.

The pattern is ideal for beginners and can easily be adjusted to make the size macrame mirror that you want! 

Macrame Sun Tutorial | DIY Macrame Mandala Wall Hanging

Do you need some more sunshine in your life? Then grab your yellow macrame cord and make this wall hanging! 

This pattern uses the square knot, vertical double half hitch knot, and horizontal double half hitch knot to create a gorgeous wall hanging that has tons of texture.

This wall hanging would make such a great handmade gift and would be ideal for a nursery, living room, or sunroom!

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this list of free macrame mandala wall hanging patterns!

Looking for more macrame fun? Check out these other posts down below!

14 Free Macrame Mandala Wall Hanging Patterns

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