Captivating Punch Needle Portraits That Speak Volumes

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Find out the story behind the absolutely stunning punch needle portrait art of Chantal de B.!

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Recently, I was scrolling through the latest posts in my Modern Punch Needle with Yarn Facebook group and I came across some absolutely breathtaking art.

punch needle fiber art by Chantal

I wanted to find out more about this amazing artist and what her process was, and luckily she agreed to answer some interview questions for us!

Her name is Chantal, and here she is with one of her recent pieces.


My name is Chantal, I live in Belgium and I am Dutch. I am 49 years old, happily married, and have a lovely son.

I have always been creatively engaged, from interior design, jewelry making, crochet, painting, to drawing. I particularly love working with wool and was searching for something to channel all my inspiration into.

That’s when I discovered Punching.

I adore art that comes to life, which is why I’ve been inventing new techniques to apply in my work, such as using different types of wool, textures, heights, playing with color, etc.
I want to punch with a more modern twist.

All the feedback I receive is incredibly motivating. I have so many ideas and can express them all through punch needling.

So, grab yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get comfy, and keep scrolling to find out more about Chantal, and how she makes this gloriously textured, vibrant artwork with yarn, a punch needle and the clever ideas in her head.

Q 1: How did you get started with punch needle?

punch needle fiber art by Chantal

I started punch needling two years ago. I always did creative things, like drawing and crochet. I like to do things with yarn, so this is a perfect mix of drawing and punch needle.

I also like to experiment with new ideas. For example, to work in different heights and with different structures of yarn.

Q 2: What does your creative process look like when working on a punch needle project?

punch needle fiber art by Chantal

I always have so many ideas in my head. I prefer to make faces/portrait.

Mostly a little crazy faces, not too perfect. First I draw on paper, then on the backside of the fabric. During my punching, I get new ideas.

Q 3: Are there particular themes, subjects, or emotions you like to express through your punch needle creations?


My favorite theme is expressive faces. Angry, in love, surprised, winking, crying.

punch needle fiber art by Chantal

Q 4: What challenges have you faced in your punch needle journey, and how did you overcome them?


When I was starting the most difficult thing was looking for the right fabric, yarn and needle. Trying out.

punch needle fiber art by Chantal

Q 5: Where can we find more of your beautiful punch needle work?

punch needle fiber art by Chantal

You can find more of my work in gallery/exhibitions and at my Instagram.

Click this link to check out her Instagram profile <<<<


In Conclusion

Thank you so much Chantal for sharing your inspiring art with us!

Be sure to check out her Instagram profile to see more of her amazing artwork.

If you want to learn how to do punch needle too, check out this blog post that will get you started with punch needle with yarn!

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Captivating Punch Needle Portraits That Speak Volumes

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