Heart Layered Faux Leather Earrings | Free SVG & Tutorial

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These Heart Layered Faux Leather Earrings are perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any time you want to add a little extra romance to your outfit!

Heart Shape Faux Leather Earrings

I absolutely adore this glitter faux leather.  It is so sparkly and beautiful!  

Unfortunately, my Cricut Maker isn’t as big of a fan.  

Making these babies was a bit of a struggle, but I still am in love with the results.  Keep reading to find out what I mean.

Faux Leather Blue and Pink earrings

Below you’ll find the tutorial to show you how to make a pair of these adorable heart-shaped faux leather earrings. 

I’m also including the free SVG file for you to use!

The link to download it is down below in the supply list.

Before we get to the tutorial (and I show you the issues I had), here are the supplies you’ll need for this project.

Looking for a tutorial showing how to make real leather earrings? I’ve got one right here!

Supplies You’ll Need to Make These Heart Layered Faux Leather Earrings

**I used the chunky glitter-coated kind of faux leather for the back layer of these earrings and it was such a pain to cut.  The gold one worked a bit better, but the blue glitter sheet did not want to cut right.  

I had the most luck using the Rotary Blade with the StrongGrip Mat (I know, you’re not supposed to use that combo, but there’s no way my FabricGrip Mat would hold it in place).

Even though it cut pretty well with that combo, the blue glitter hearts ended up being a bit larger than they should have been. 

Blue and pink heart earring cut outs

It’s not a huge difference, and I still love the color combo, but it’s something to keep in mind.  

If you don’t want to struggle, you might want to avoid the chunky glitter faux leather.  You’ve been warned! (If you’re stubborn like me, you’ll probably use it anyway!)

Heart Layered Faux Leather Earrings Tutorial

Upload the SVG File

Click the link for the Heart Earring SVG file in the supplies section above and download the file.

Open Cricut Design Space and upload the file.  (For a quick tutorial on how to upload a file to Design Space, check out this post.  In the table of contents, look for Canvas: Left Menu, and then click Upload.)

Ungroup and Cut

Ungroup the hearts.  Select the two solid hearts and choose a color for them, and select the two cutout hearts and choose a different color for them.  That way they’ll each be on their own mats.

Screenshot of changing colors of heart layers

If you want to change the size you can do that now.  If you want them to look the way mine do, leave them as they are.

Next, click Make It.  

This is where you have to decide how you’re going to cut the faux leather depending on the type you’re using. 

My recommendation is if you’re using a solid non-chunky glitter type, the best bet is to use the Knife Blade and StrongGrip Mat.

If you’re using Cricut Faux Suede (which is what I used for the red in the red and gold pair), you can use the Cricut “faux leather (paper thin)” preset which cuts with the FinePoint Blade and StandardGrip Mat.

If you’re stubborn like me and insist on using the chunky glitter, I recommend using the StrongGrip Mat and the Rotary Blade. 

For the gold glitter faux leather, I chose Heavy Denim as my material type.

Cutting out the uncut parts of gold glitter earring
I went in with scissors to cut the parts that didn’t quite cut all the way through.

For the blue chunky glitter faux leather, I actually created a new material type because I was tired of trying to decide which fabric to choose. I based it on one of the heavy fabric settings.

You’ll also want to tape down the edges with masking tape so it doesn’t shift around.

glitter faux leather settings in Design Space

The Knife Blade might work better if the glitter faux leather is upside down on the mat, but I don’t want to sacrifice my new mat to the glitter gods, so I didn’t try.  If you do and have success, please comment below!!

Once you get everything cut out, it’s time to assemble!

Red and gold earring cut outs

Faux Leather Earring Assembly

If you’ve read my DIY Leather Earring tutorial, this part will be very familiar.  

First, mark where you want the hole to be punched.  I eyeballed it for these earrings.

Mark the earring for hole placement

Use the leather punch to punch through both layers of faux leather.

Use leather hole punch to punch holes in faux leather earrings

If you have standard earring hooks like I do, you’ll need to twist the loop before assembling so the earring faces the right way.  

twist the earring hook loop around
Earring hoop twisted around

Next, twist open the jump ring and thread it through the hole.  Thread it through the eye of the earring hook, and then carefully twist it closed.  

Thread the jump ring through faux leather earrings and earring hook

Repeat this process with the other earring.


Heart Shape Faux Leather Earrings

You did it!  You made a pair of Heart Layered Faux Leather Earrings!

These earrings are a super cute and (mostly) easy project to make with your Cricut Maker. 

Red and gold faux leather earrings

We used faux leather in this tutorial, but you could easily use real leather instead. Just use the Knife Blade, StrongGrip Mat and masking tape on all sides. 

Honestly, it might be easier to cut real leather than the glitter faux leather, but it won’t be as sparkly!

Also PLEASE if you have some suggestions for cutting this chunky glitter faux leather, share them down below! 

I can’t be the only person struggling with this. It’s SO PRETTY, why must it be so hard to cut??

What other fun things have you made with faux leather?  I’ve been thinking of making some hair bows or bracelets with it.  I’d love to hear some suggestions! Happy Crafting!

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Heart Layered Faux Leather Earrings | Free SVG & Tutorial

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