15 Easy DIY Macrame Air Plant Hangers (with Video Tutorials!)

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Hey there, plant lovers! Ready to liven up your space with some greenery while keeping things minimalist and maintaining your vibe?

You’re in the right spot! This post features 15 easy DIY macramé air plant hangers suitable for small or slightly larger air plants.

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When I first ventured into macramé, I was amazed at how simple it is to craft beautiful plant hangers that perfectly complemented my minimalist style.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a DIY enthusiast, these macramé projects are designed to be both simple and stunning.

Follow these step-by-step video tutorials to create gorgeous plant holders in no time, regardless of your skill level.

Let’s jump in and get started!

15 Easy DIY Macrame Air Plant Hangers to Try

Cute and a Little Twisted: DIY Swirled Macramé Air Plant Hanger

close up of macrame air plant hanger from the bottom

Learn how to create a charming swirled macramé air plant hanger with this step-by-step tutorial!

Remember, small size, big impact—because even a petite plant hanger can steal the show with its adorable charm!

This pattern is one of my favorites because it’s so fast to make and so stinkin’ cute. Be sure to check this one out!

Easy DIY Macrame Air Plant Pod Tutorial

Learn how to create your own macrame air plant hanger with this detailed tutorial.

Perfect for beginners, you’ll master key knots using 4mm cotton rope, and discover special instructions for using wooden rings and a wooden dowel. 

You can customize your cute little hanger with different colors of cord to match your decor!

Follow step-by-step photos and a video tutorial to create a beautiful macrame air plant hanger, adding a gorgeous boho-chic vibe to your space. 

Whether you’re making a mini macrame air plant holder or a large hanger for a live air plant, explore different macrame knots and slight variations to craft a stunning piece.

Easy DIY Macrame Air Plant Holder

Get ready for some fun with this super EASY beginner macrame air plant holder—perfect for new macrame artists!

This design is nice and simple, and you can finish this in under an hour.

DIY Macrame Pod Air Plant Hanger Tutorial for Beginner/Intermediate

In this tutorial, learn to create a macrame air plant hanger using wooden hoops and macrame cord. 

The project is versatile, fitting both large air plants and small grow pots. 

Beginners and beyond will love this cute little plant hanger pattern!

Learn How to Make Macrame Air Plant Hangers in this Fun DIY Tutorial for Beginners by Green Cotton Eco!

Check out Green Cotton Eco’s lively tutorial on crafting your own macrame air plant hangers! This pattern is perfect for beginners, and the video features easy-to-follow steps using just three knots:

  • Lark’s Head
  • Square knots
  • Gathering knot

Grab some 3.5mm macrame cord and a 12mm dowel to get started.

Macrame Air Plant Hanger for Your Air Plants or Small Succulents with Step-by-Step Tutorial.

Thinking about trying out macrame or brushing up on your skills? Check out Nicole Ioma Art’s DIY Macrame Air Plant Hanger tutorial!

Follow along with her step-by-step video to create a cozy home for your air plants or small succulents.

It’s perfect for a solo crafting session or hosting a fun craft night with friends.

Macrame Plant Hanger with a Ring-Based Design

Check out this engaging tutorial by Made in May on creating a DIY Macrame Air Plant Hanger.

Follow along for a modern twist on traditional macrame, complete with step-by-step instructions.

It’s super cute! And the video is so smooth and chill—it really sets the mood for crafting something awesome!

Almost angelic macrame air plant hanger

Revamp your living space with Made in May’s fun and easy tutorial on crafting a versatile macrame plant hanger.

I just love this pattern! With the cute feathers at the bottom it almost looks angelic!

Made in May always has such relaxing tutorial videos, definitely check this one out.

Easy DIY Macramé Circle Plant Hanger

Learn how to create a modern and attractive room decor item using ropes with this step-by-step tutorial. 

The materials needed include 3mm thick cotton rope and 2 wooden rings that are 5″ in diameter.

Isn’t this design so cool? But it’s totally simple – be sure to add this one to your list!

Easy DIY Air Plant Holder Tutorial

Jump into the world of macrame with this super fun and easy DIY air plant holder tutorial by Macrame Crafted by Ceri. 

Perfect for beginners, this step-by-step guide will teach you the basic knots to make a unique and stylish plant holder.

The tutorial includes all the materials you need, like a wooden ring, glass bowl, and different lengths of cotton cord. 

How to Macrame an Air Plant Hanger for Beginners

If you want to add some boho charm to your space, check out this video by MaCREme by Cre. You’ll learn how to make a gorgeous macrame air plant hanger, perfect for beginners. 

You’ll need cotton rope, scissors, a metal ring, and your favorite air plant. The best part? It only takes about an hour! 

Follow along to create something beautiful for your home or office.

Two-Way Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial: Perfect for Small Plants

Let Sasha be your guide through this creative journey of making adorable air plant hangers. 

This pattern is unique with the crossed over design, and as a bonus it can hold 2 air plants at once!

Macrame Air Plant Hanger that hugs a little glass bowl

Learn to make your own beautiful macramé air plant hanger that skillfully hugs a glass bowl with this awesome DIY tutorial by Macrame Crafted by Ceri. 

It’s perfect for beginners, breaking down each knot step-by-step—like the Half Square Knot and Square Knot—so you can create something stunning even if you’re just starting out. 

Plus, Ceri shows you a neat trick for adding more rope if you run short mid-project—super handy! 

You can even customize it to fit different pot sizes.  Check out more by watching Ceri’s video!

Macrame Air Plant Hanger featuring Alternating Half Hitch Knots.

This pattern is super interesting and unique, and the knot pattern is done with the alternating half hitch knot!

Watch the full tutorial to see how it’s done and find out what cords to use to make one of these cool, textured plant hangers.

How to Macrame Air Plant Hanger Using 5 Simple Knots

Welcome to BOCHIKNOT’s laid-back macramé tutorial!

It’s as easy as tying five essential knots. Whether you’re a plant lover or just keen on trying out a quirky flower macramé, this tutorial has something for everyone.

Hit play and discover how fun and surprisingly simple it is to make something fabulous!

In Conclusion

Hope this tutorial fires up your creativity to craft your very own plant hanger! Can’t wait to see how you bring your unique spin to it. Stay tuned for more fun projects ahead!

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15 Easy DIY Macrame Air Plant Hangers (with Video Tutorials!)

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