17 Free DIY Large Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns (with Videos!)

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Are you looking for some new macrame wall hanging ideas?

Well, you’re in luck my friend, because in this post I’m sharing 17 beautiful and FREE large macrame wall hanging patterns!

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These wall hangings are easy enough for a confident beginner, as long as you know the basic knots.

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Now, if the idea of making a large wall hanging seems intimidating, too complicated, and scary, I promise it’s not! 

As long as you take your time and find a pattern that is your macrame skill level, you can easily make your own large wall-hanging piece. 

Today, I have gathered up patterns for all skill levels whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or somewhere in between  

All of the patterns have full YouTube video tutorials that show you how to make each wall hanging from start to finish.

Plus, some of the patterns even have written instructions and extra resources you can check out. 

So, grab your macrame cord and a long wooden dowel, and let’s make some large and in-charge macrame wall hangings! 

17 Free Large Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

Large Boho Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial – Marching North

Large DIY Macrame Wall Hanging on a gray wall.

Learn how to make some beautiful boho wall art with this easy large macrame wall hanging tutorial!

Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s really simple (and surprisingly fast!)

You’ll only need to know a few simple knots for this macrame wall hanging: the lark’s head knot, square knot, double half hitch knot, and the rya knot. 

Plus, this project is totally doable for beginners and beyond!

DIY: Modern Macrame Wall Hanging | Large Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern | (step by step)    

If you are looking for a stunning piece of art to hang on your wall, then check out this modern macrame wall hanging! 

This wall hanging includes a smooth-flowing curving line, fringe, and a modern macrame look!

The intricate designs make it look complex but it’s actually the easiest thing to make because it uses basic macrame knots!

Macrame Large Wall Hanging – Habit Made

If you love the look of natural cotton cord, then this beautiful large macrame wall hanging is for you! 

In this tutorial, designed for intermediates, you learn how to make this gorgeous wall hanging that showcases layers of cord mixed with tassels and knot designs.

This piece would look perfect in any living space and could easily be customized to fit your home decor by simply changing the color of the cord!

Large Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial – “Summer Plains” tapestry

Speaking of colorful macrame cords check out this stunning DIY macrame wall hanging! 

This macrame piece has the look of a tapestry but is made using macrame rope and basic knots.

Plus, the best part, is that the project is designed for beginners! – You really can’t go wrong with this project, and it would look perfect as part of a gallery wall!

DIY | macrame weaving wall hanging

Raise your hand if you like a simple pattern that has tons of texture.

If your hand is up, then this macrame-weaving wall hanging is for you! 

With just some cotton rope, a wooden dowel, and this free pattern, you can create a stunning macrame wall piece over the course of a weekend!

This project uses easy knots and is ideal for those of you whose macrame skills are beginner to intermediate.

Boho macrame intermediate Wall Hanging

Love the boho style? Then check out this boho macrame wall hanging that combines not one but three different cords! 

In this tutorial, you learn how to combine braided cord, twisted cord, and three-ply cord to create a boho piece that has color!

The skill level for this piece is intermediate but the video tutorial is so well done, that I have no doubt that some of you beginning macramers could easily make it.

Also, did I mention that the final piece has layers, knot designs, cord wrapping and is all displayed on a piece of driftwood?! It’s really a macrame boho lovers dream! 

Large Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial for Beginners

If you are looking for easy macrame beginner projects that have a pop of color, then this project might be for you! 

Using only two types of cord and the easy steps in this tutorial you can create this fun macrame wall hanging.

This piece is the perfect way to start your journey into larger macrame wall hangings because it uses basic knots, the pattern is not overly complex and it can be made in about half a day (depending on your speed and skill level).

DIY Large Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial – Advanced Patterns

For those of you who are looking for advanced macrame projects, this one is for you! 

This pattern uses larks head knot, double half hitch knots, and more to create a large macrame wall hanging that has tons of layers, texture, and long ropes.

It’s definitely designed for advanced macramers, but the results are absolutely stunning!

Macraweave Wall Hanging – Knots and Techniques Tutorial

If you love macrame and weaving, then check out this larger project that features both techniques!  

​This pattern combines macrame and weaving to create a gorgeous tapestry-like wall hanging!

The pattern is labeled as intermediate, but beginners could still make this piece since it uses basic knots and weaving techniques!  

DIY | macrame leaves wall hanging

I have shared some gorgeous creations today, but look at this stunning macrame leaves wall hanging!

Using half square knots and a leaf pattern, you can make this unique wall hanging that would be perfect for any nursery!

This wall piece looks complex to make, but it’s actually made with basic knots and only two types of macrame cords.

Also, how fun would this look hanging up by your cute macrame plant hanger?!

DIY: Large Macrame Wall Hanging Using 3 Simple Knots

Yes, you read that title right! This macrame wall hanging uses only 3 knots and is beginner-friendly! 

Specifically, this pattern uses the 3 basic knots of macrame which are the lark’s head knot, square knot, and double half hitch knot.

All of these knots come together to create this fun piece that has long cords, fringe, and intricate knot designs.

Also, another bonus to this pattern, is that it shows you how to use your scrap pieces of cord to create the wall hanging!

So, if you have scrap cords lying around, this wall hanging might be the next project to add to your macrame list! 

​DIY Large Macrame Wall Hanging

If you love combining all of the macrame things (wood beads, tassels, long cording, layers, and more) then this pattern is for you! 

​The pattern includes everything I mentioned above to create a ”3 panel” piece and is designed for intermediate to advanced macramers.

The wall hanging itself is large and impressive and would make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves macrame or boho home decor!

Macrame Big Wall Hanging Tutorial | Advanced

Back to my advanced macramers! If you are looking for more macrame projects to add to your list, then why not try this big wall hanging?! 

This big wall hanging has tons of texture and layers that are cut at different lengths.

It also incorporates half circles, triangles, and diamonds, so you get to macrame a little bit of everything.

The original pattern was done all in one color, but I think it would look even more stunning if you added some colored cords. – Also, how fun would this be in rainbow colors!

DIY Macrame Tutorial – Large Macrame Wall Hanging: Scandinavian Style

If you love Scandinavian-style macrame pieces, then check out this pattern! 

In this macrame tutorial, you learn how to create a large macrame wall hanging using cotton twisted rope, basic knots, and a few decorative knots.

The pattern itself is stunning, but what makes it really stand out is the Scandinavian style in which it is done.

This particular style gives the piece a simple but modern look and it would be ideal to display in a living room, nursery, or office space!

Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial – Easy pattern for beginners

Ok, back to my beginners! 

If you are just starting out with making macrame wall hangings, this piece would be perfect for you!

That is because this pattern uses simple macrame knots and is not overly complex in terms of size.

Instead of making a piece that is ”flared out” or that has multiple sections, you are making more a of rectangular piece that has a straightforward pattern.

Also, if you don’t have that much wall space to give up for your finished macrame piece, this wall hanging is ideal since it takes up more vertical space than horizontal space.

Macrame Wall Hanging Leaves Pattern

Are you looking for another macrame leaf pattern? Then check out this macrame wall hanging! 

This wall hanging uses the lark’s head knot, square Knot, and double-hitch half knot to create this gorgeous leaf pattern that is rectangular in shape.

However, what makes this piece truly stand out is the color!

Instead of using a natural colored cord, you use this fabulous green that really showcases the design. – How fun would this look as part of your spring and summer decor?

Or imagine if you did the pattern in fall colors!

Tutorial Boho Macrame wall hanging for beginners

Finally, if you can’t get enough boho macrame in your life, then you will love this wall hanging! 

​In this tutorial, you learn how to make a simple boho-style wall hanging that uses cotton twine, basic knots, and a piece of driftwood.

The pattern is designed for beginners and uses a combination of layers to create a wall-hanging piece that has different knot designs within each layer.

The piece looks great in a natural colored cord, but you could add in some color here and there to make the piece match your home decor style even more!

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful macrame wall hanging patterns! Looking for more macrame goodness? Check out these recent posts!

17 Free DIY Large Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns (with Videos!)

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