How to Make an Interchangeable Macrame Crystal Necklace

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Learn how to make a macrame crystal holder necklace that’s interchangeable in this step by step tutorial!

Macrame and crystals go hand in hand, and a macrame pendant necklace is a great way to keep your favorite crystals close at hand while you’re out and about.

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The great thing about this DIY jewelry project is you can switch out the crystal inside anytime you want!

There are so many different crystals with different properties, and now you can match your crystal to your mood without having to make 50 different necklaces.

You can make your own macrame jewelry that looks great with a casual outfit or something a bit more formal.

And if you’re looking for an inexpensive gift idea that’s still meaningful and awesome to receive, this is a great one!

finished macrame crystal necklace

How to Make a Crystal Necklace

This stone necklace is made using some waxed thread and a wooden bead. That’s it!

It doesn’t required very many craft supplies, so you don’t have to worry about finding a jump ring, a lobster clasp, chain nose pliers, or anything else. Woo hoo!

As for the thread, I didn’t buy anything special, instead I just took some DMC 6-strand floss I had on hand and waxed it using a beeswax candle.

finished macrame crystal necklace

You can do the same if you want (or use a different type of candle if you prefer), or you can get waxed thread and use that.

Or if you want to skip the wax all together, that’s fine too! It helps keep the strands of floss together and makes it a bit more durable, but it’ll still work without the wax.

We’ll only need one simple knot, overhand knot, for the crystal pendant portion. We’ll also tie a basic 3 strand braid to finish off the necklace.

You won’t need any other knots for this DIY macrame necklace. It’s super easy! This crystal necklace is one of my favorite projects that I’ve made here on the blog.

If you’re wanting to learn some other basic knots (like lark’s head knots, square knots, or the half knot spiral) be sure to check out my basic macrame knots post, where you can learn all of those and more with step by step instructions, plus grab a free printable knots guide to the 5 main macrame knots!

finished macrame crystal necklace

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Interchangeable Macrame Crystal Necklace Tutorial

Below you’ll find the video tutorial for this project. Subscribe to Marching North on YouTube so you don’t miss my new tutorials!

Supplies You’ll Need


Step 1: Wax the thread

Cut the 4 pieces of floss. If you want to wax it, the easiest way is to take your candle or piece of wax, and run the floss along the side of the wax 2 or 3 times.

Repeat that with the other pieces of floss.

wax the embroidery thread with a beeswax candle

Step 2: Loop the threads together

Loop one of the 48 inch strands of floss in half and line up the ends. Lay the loop side on your work surface.

make a loop in the first piece of embroidery floss

Grab the next piece of cord and fold it the same way.

Thread one end of the second piece through the loop of the first piece.

loop the first two pieces of thread together

Now, line up the two loops, and thread the third piece through the same way.

loop the third piece of floss onto the first two

Repeat one more time for the fourth piece. Lay the four pieces out going north, south, east, and west.

four pieces of embroidery floss looped together

Step 3: Make the crystal pouch

Take both ends of one piece of cord and tie an overhand knot about 1/2″ away from the center of the cords.

tie an overhand knot on the right side of the cords

Repeat that for the other 3 sides, making sure that the knots are at the same spot so it’s all nice and even.

first four overhand knots tied for the first row

For the next row, tie another row of overhand knots alternating from the previous row. This row will be about 1/2″ away from the first row.

Repeat step 3, tying alternating rows like that until the crystal pouch is as long as you want.

I made mine a bit longer than 2″, and that took 5 rows.

test fitting my crystal into the macrame pouch
test fitting in one of my crystals

You’ll want to do a few test fits as you go to make sure your crystals fit. You can make the rows of knots further apart if needed.

Step 4: Tie the last knots

Split the cords into 2 sections with 4 cords in each section.

divide the cords into two sections

Tie an overhand knot on each side, leaving about 1/2″ of space from the last row of knots. Make sure the knots are even and lined up.

tie an overhand knot on both sides to finish off the pouch

Do a test fit and make sure the top of the crystal you want to put in doesn’t go above these two knots.

Step 5: Thread on the bead

Use the large eye needle to thread the wooden bead onto the necklace.

thread on the wooden bead

I did one side and pulled it through, and then threaded the other side through.

wooden bead threaded on

Step 6: Braid the necklace chain section

Secure the pouch side of your necklace to your workspace (I just used a piece of tape), and braid the two sides of the necklace to make the necklace chain.

divide the cords into three sections and braid them

Since there are 4 strand on each side, you’ll have to hold 2 strands together as one, and then do a regular 3 strand braid. Leave 2 inches or so at the end unbraided.

how one side of the necklace will look braided

Tie an overhand knot at the end right at the base of the braid. Repeat that on the other side.

tie an overhand knot at the top of the braid to secure it

Tie one last overhand knot with both sides of the necklace to attach it, this knot will be right at the top of the two overhand knots you tied to secure the braids.

Trim the excess cord leaving about an inch sticking out of the knot. Your necklace is done!

tie the two sides of the necklace together with an overhand knot and trim the excess cord


The next step is to choose which crystal you want to wear and stick it in the pouch!

Here are some great crystal options to wear in yours:

  • clear quartz crystals
  • smokey quartz
  • amethyst
  • rose quartz
  • tourmaline
  • lapis lazuli
  • moonstone
  • carnelian

This website has loads of amazing information about all sorts of crystals and their properties!

To swap out your stone, just slide the wooden bead up the chain, insert the crystal point, and slide the bead back down and over the two top knots at the base of the braids.

That will keep your crystal nice and secure until you’re ready to change it out for a different one.

I hope you’ll make your own necklace following this tutorial, and they also make amazing gifts that a lot of people would love to receive! It’s such a fun way to show off your favorite gems.

If you make one of these, please share a pic over on Instagram and tag me @marchingnorth so I can take a look. I love seeing all of your awesome creations!

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  1. Thank you so much for your easy instructions on making a macrame’ crystal pouch necklace! I have tons of beautiful crystals I’ve found digging around in Arkansas. I can’t wait to try this later today!! 🙂🙃 thank you again!!

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