Mini Macrame Plant Hanger DIY // Easy Tutorial + Video!

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If you’re looking for a super quick macrame project, this Mini Macrame Plant Hanger will do the trick!

Mini macrame plant hanger

It’s fast, adorable, and perfect to hang from your rearview mirror, adorn your desk at work, or even as a boho-chic Christmas ornament.

Plant hangers are one of the best macrame projects to tackle if you’re a beginner. They’re quick and easy (usually) and almost always look amazing because plants and macrame just go together.

I’ve been on a roll with plant hanger tutorials lately! Be sure to check out these other ones, too! (I’ll link to them at the bottom of this post as well so you don’t miss out.)

Below you’ll find the written tutorial and a YouTube video tutorial. Subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any fun crafty DIY projects, I post new ones each week!

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Supplies You’ll Need to Make a Mini Macrame Plant Hanger

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Mini Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

Step 1: Attach the Cords to the Ring

attach the cords to the ring with a larks head knot | mini macrame plant hanger DIY

Line up all the cords together, fold them in half, and use a larks head knot to attach them to the binder ring.

Insert a T-Pin onto the corkboard and use that to hold your work while you make the mini macrame plant hanger.

Step 2: Make the Arms

Tie the first square knot | mini macrame plant hanger DIY

Separate out four strands of string, measure down about two inches and make your first square knot.

thread the bead onto the string | mini macrame plant hanger DIY

Thread the two center cords from the square knot into your large eye needle and add one of the wooden beads.

It takes a little wiggling to get the bead on but it shouldn’t be too hard. (If it is, your bead might be too small or your needle might be too big.)

tie another square knot below the bead

Tie a second square knot under the bead to hold it in place.

Repeat this process three more times. You’ll have four arms all together on your mini plant hanger.

Step 3: Connect the Arms

Connect the arms with a square knot | mini macrame plant hanger DIY

Measure down about three inches, then tie a square knot connecting two arms. Repeat that step for all the arms (four times total).

Connect the cords again an inch down

Measure down an inch and connect the arms again with another square knot.

Repeat three more times until all the arms are connected the same way.

Step 4: Finish with a Wrapping Knot

finish the mini macrame plant hanger with a wrapping knot

Test fit your plant into the plant hanger and decide where you need to tie the wrapping knot.

Tie it, trim the ends, and poke them under the wraps so they don’t show.

Step 5: Trim the Fringe and Hang it!

trim the fringe

Decide how long you want your fringe and then give it a nice haircut!

mini macrame plant hanger DIY finished

Put your cute little plant into your cute little mini macrame plant hanger and admire it’s cuteness!

mini macrame plant hanger

In Summary

I hope you enjoyed this Mini Macrame Plant Hanger tutorial! If you want to share yours, please post it on your Instagram account and tag me @marchingnorth!

If you plan on hanging yours from the rearview mirror in your car, be sure to check with your local driving laws and make sure it’s OK where you live. It’s fine in my state, but I’ve heard it’s not allowed in others.

Macrame is so much fun and a great stress reliever. Check out these other macrame tutorials below!

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Mini Macrame Plant Hanger DIY // Easy Tutorial + Video!

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  1. Adorable!!
    What is the length of this mini ?
    If I wanted to make it larger,say 24 in long, using the same pattern, any idea on how long to cut the strands??

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