Free {Super Bulky} Crochet Throw Blanket Pattern

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Check out this free super bulky crochet throw blanket pattern!

If you’re looking for a cozy, free crochet pattern that’s beginner friendly and fast, you came to the right place! 

This super bulky yarn throw pattern is quick and easy to make and perfect for curling up under on a chilly day.

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Even if you’re new to crochet, you can totally make this throw blanket. It’s a super simple, quick project and great for any skill level. This blanket also makes a great gift that you can whip up in no time!

There’s nothing like a big, cozy blanket to curl up with when you’re watching TV, reading a book, or working on your next crochet project.

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I wanted this throw blanket to be big enough for my tall hubby, and also long enough for all of my kids to cozy up under while they’re playing Minecraft on the couch.

The finished size ended up being approximately 43″ wide and 63″ long.

If you want to make it a bit wider, just grab 8 skeins instead of 7. Each row will add to the width so you can make it as big as you prefer.

Here’s a picture of the finished blanket with my adorable little blanket tester. Isn’t he just adorable?!

cute boy wrapped in bulky crochet throw blanket

Best yarn for making a super bulky crochet throw blanket

We’ll be using Bernat blanket yarn in the BIG yarn weight for this project. It’s called Bernat Blanket Big and it’s seriously huge. I found it at Michael’s and it comes in loads of different colors!

I haven’t been able to find this yarn anywhere besides Michael’s (I think it’s discontinued), but this yarn by Lion Brand looks to be about the same.

This super thick yarn is great for bulky crochet patterns if you’re a bit impatient and short on time, like myself. It works really well for easy crochet patterns that use simple stitches.

The size of the yarn makes even the most basic crochet stitches look amazing!

What are some other bulky yarn crochet patterns you can make with this yarn?

Besides chunky crocheted blankets, you can also use it make textured throw pillows, crazy thick scarves, squishy soft rugs, and more. Everything you make with it works up super duper quick.

It’s a bit too thick to use for other crochet projects. If you want to make some chunky boot cuffs, more delicate afghan patterns or blanket patterns, hats, or anything like that, I’d recommend a more normal sized chunky yarn.

Some of my favorites options are by Lion Brand Yarn (specifically Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick or Lion Brand Hometown USA) and Premier Yarns (I love their Parfait Chunky line!).

You’ll need somewhere between a 10mm and 15mm crochet hook for those types of yarn.

What size crochet hook will you need for this blanket?

You’ll need a 25mm crochet hook size for this weight of yarn, or you can even crochet without a hook using your fingers.

I prefer using the large hook because it’s easier to keep the tension the same. Plus it’s quite an arm workout! A smaller hook won’t be able to handle this crazy huge yarn.

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Supplies You’ll Need to Make this Super Bulky Crochet Throw Blanket //

Abbreviations Used:

  • chain (ch)
  • slip stitch (sl st)
  • double crochet (dc)

Pattern Notes

This whole pattern is made using double crochet, so it works up extra fast.

At the end of each row you’ll make a turning chain of 2, turn your work, and then make the first double crochet into the first stitch. The turning chain does NOT count as a stitch.

Free Crochet Blanket Pattern

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Foundation Chain:

Make a slip knot and insert your hook into the loop. Chain 33. Turn

insert the hook into the slip knot and make the foundation chain
make the foundation chain for chunky crochet throw blanket

Row 1:

Yarn over, skip the 1st and 2nd ch and insert hook into the 3rd ch from the hook and make a double crochet.

make the first double crochet into the first stitch of the row

Continue double crocheting in each chain until you reach the end of the row. (31 stitches all together). Chain 2 and turn.

Rows 2 – 12:

Double crochet into the first stitch (the one at the base of the ch 2) and each stitch down the row. Ch 2, turn. Repeat row until you have 12 rows total.

Adding more yarn when you run out:

To add more yarn, do the first half of a double crochet (yarn over, insert hook, pull through the loop, you’ll have 3 loops on your hook). Then complete the stitch using the new yarn.

Do two more stitches, and then go back and tie the ends of the yarn together securely.


After you get the last row completed, cut the yarn and finish off. Use your fingers to weave in all the loose ends at the beginning and end of the blanket and where you added on more yarn. Trim off the excess.

cut the yarn at the end of the blanket
finish off the blanket and weave in the ends


finished chunky crochet blanket with a woman's hand holding a cup of coffee on top of it

Here’s my finished blanket with my favorite coffee cup, highlighting the coziness factor!

One question I’ve seen asked is how do you wash a blanket made with this yarn. I’ve already washed this blanket twice (as of this post, with three kids it’ll be wash many, many more times) and here’s my experience so far.

Does Bernat Blanket yarn wash well?

Yes! In my experience Bernat Blanket Big yarn washes very well.

As soon as I finished this blanket I threw it into the washing machine. A couple of the skeins had a strange chemical odor (who knows why), and I wanted to get that off before anyone used it.

I put it in my washing machine (it’s a front load) on the bulky blanket setting with regular laundry detergent and it washed just fine. It did make my washing machine get a bit off balance, but it was about the same as washing a load of towels.

Then, I put it in the dryer with the normal settings and it worked fine with that too. It did take a couple of cycles to dry it fully, but my dryer does that sometimes.

It came out much softer and smelled a lot better too. I’m not sure what the issue was with the smell, not all the skeins had it.

I imagine the Lion Brand version of this chenille yarn will wash just as well.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this free crochet pattern! If you make one of these blankets, please take a picture, share it over on Instagram, and tag me @marchingnorth so I can see. I love seeing all of your awesome creations!

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Free {Super Bulky} Crochet Throw Blanket Pattern

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  1. Hi Crystal….
    Attempting to use chunky yarn for the first time and after several rows my blanket is getting wider ….
    Any thoughts?

    1. You are probably adding stitches at the end of the row on accident, which is really easy to do, especially with this kind of yarn. Try putting a stitch marker in the first and last stitch of each row and moving it up with each row that you crochet, that way you know exactly when to stop-

      When I first started crocheting, I tried to make a blanket with Homespun yarn by Lion Brand and it turned into a trapezoid, lol. So trust me, I understand completely. Good luck!

    1. I just made one and it took 3ish hours in total. It goes super quick once you get the rhythm with the gigantic hook!

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