Diamond Macrame (Wall Hanging) Plant Hanger | Tutorial & Video!

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Learn how to make this macrame wall plant hanger with a beautiful open diamond design in this step by step tutorial! This wall hanging planter is easy enough for beginners and beyond.

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If you’re looking for a new macrame plant hanger design, this wall hanging version is really modern and unique.

The diamond knot pattern is made using a variation of the vertical lark’s head knot. It’s really quick and easy to learn and you can apply the pattern to lots of other macrame projects as well!

The other knots used in this macrame plant hanger are the lark’s head knot, square knot and wrapping knot.

If you’re new to macrame and want to wrap your head around those knots first, check out this post with all the beginner macrame knots you’ll need to know to get started.

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Supplies You’ll Need

Diamond Macrame Wall Plant Hanger Tutorial //

Check out the video tutorial below, and scroll a little further for the written tutorial!

Step 1: Attach your cords to the dowel

Take one of your 134” cords, fold it in half, and attach it to the dowel with a lark’s head knot. Repeat that with the rest of the 134” cords and space them out evenly.

attach cords to the dowel with lark's head knots

Secure your dowel to a garment rack with S hooks, or you can tie a cord to each end and hang it on a nail in the wall or a door knob.

Step 2: Diamond vertical lark’s head knot pattern

Left side of the diamond

Grab the two center cords. Cross the left cord over the right in the shape of a number 4, wrap the end around and bring it through the loop to create a half hitch knot around the right cord.

Now, drop the right cord, pick up the next cord to the left and repeat that process again, tying a half hitch knot with the left most cord around the right most cord.

Hold those two cords together, grab the next cord to the left and tie a half hitch knot around the two cords using the left most cord.

Hold all three cords together, grab the next cord to the left and tie another half hitch knot around the three cords.

Repeat this pattern until you make it to the last cord on the left.

make a half hitch around each cord to the left until you make it all the way across

Now, you’re going to use the same cord you used for the last half hitch knot.

This time instead of crossing it in front of the bundle in the shape of a four, you’re going to bring it behind the bundle and wrap it around the other way to the front.

It’s still a half hitch knot, but it’s reversed from what we did before this.

You’re going to do that with each cord going back to the center. That will complete one side of the diamond.

left side of the diamond completed

Right Side of the Diamond

Now we’re going to repeat that whole process over on the right side.

So grab the two cords closest to the center, wrap the right most cord around the left most cord in the shape of a four (in front of the cord, like the first half of the left side) and bring the end around and through the loop.

Hold those two cords together, grab the next cord to the right, and repeat. Do that pattern until you reach the last cord on the right.

Now, using the same cord you did for the last knot, hold it behind the bundle of cords in a 4 shape, wrap it around and bring it though the loop.

going back down the macrame diamond on the right side

Repeat that for each cord going back to the center, just like we did on the left side, but going in the other direction.

Connect the Diamond

Take the right center cord, wrap it around the left center cord in a 4 shape and make a half hitch knot to connect the two sides.


Repeat the diamond pattern two more times the same way, and then we’ll move on to the plant pot holding part.

Step 3: Tie square knots to hold plant pot

Drop down about 5 inches from the last diamond. We’re going to tie a row of four square knots straight across.

Skip the first 2 cords and tie 4 square knots, then skip the last 2 cords.

tie four square knots across the macrame plant hanger

Now, grab the two cords you didn’t use on each side, and flip the cords toward the center on both sides and then tie a square knot about an inch or so below the row of square knots we just tied.

grab the two outside cords on each side, flip them around, and tie a square knot about an inch down from the previous row of square knots

Use the left two cords from that square knot and the next two cords to the left to tie a square knot about an inch and a half below the knot you just tied in the center. It’ll be on the left side.

tie another square knot below the last one and to the left

Then do the same thing on the right side.

tie another square knot on the right side

Flip your plant hanger around and continue tying square knots all the way around at the same level as those first two. There will be 5 square knots all together.

tie a row of square knots that go all the way around

Step 4: Wrapping knot

Now you’re going to grab your 50” piece of cord and use it to tie a wrapping knot around all the cords under that last row of square knots.

Step 5: Cut the fringe and finish

Decide how long you want the fringe to be and cut off the excess. I made mine about 5” long or so.

cut the fringe about 5 inches down

Then if you want you can unravel the ends of the cord, or you can leave them as they are. It’s up to you!

unravel the fringe if you want at the bottom


Finished diamond pattern wall plant hanger hanging on the wall with a plant inside

I hope you enjoyed this macrame wall plant hanger tutorial!

If you make one of these, please share a picture over on Instagram and tag me @marchingnorth so I can see it. I love seeing all of your awesome creations!

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Diamond Macrame (Wall Hanging) Plant Hanger | Tutorial & Video!

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  1. Thank you, your tutorials are very detailed and easy to follow. I teach at a senior center and have been requested to teach them how to make macrame plants hangers. I did several back in the 70″s, so I needed a refresher course. May your site continue to grow and the blessing keep coming.

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