21 Free Step-by-Step Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns (Beginner Friendly!)

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Are you looking for some beginner friendly free macrame wall hanging patterns? I’ve got 21 for you right here, including written instructions and video tutorials!

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Macrame wall hangings are one of the most popular macrame projects (next to plant hangers) and they’re so much fun to make!

Large DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

At first they may seem intimidating, but the truth is most macrame wall hangings are made with just a few simple knots.

That’s the great thing about them, even beginners can make a gorgeous DIY wall hanging once you get the basics down!

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Before we jump into the list of free patterns, there are a few common questions that I see people asking about macrame wall hangings. Let’s take a look at a few of them and I’ll answer them for you!

How do you start a macrame wall hanging?

First you need to decide if you’ll be using a dowel, a pipe, or a piece of driftwood at the top of your wall hanging.

You can get wooden dowels at the hardware store in several different diameters and lengths and even different types of wood and colors. They also have lengths of copper pipe that make a really pretty base for your macrame project.

Driftwood is also super popular for these. If you don’t have driftwood near you, go out in the woods and find a nice looking stick, wash it up, sand it a bit and it’s ready to use! Or you can order a nice piece of driftwood online (yes, I’ve done that!)

If you’re making a round wall hanging, a metal ring is a great base and they come in loads of different sizes.

Once you figure out your base, you need to attach your cords!

My favorite way to start a macrame wall hanging is by tying the cords on with simple lark’s head knots. If you’re looking for some alternative ways to attach the ropes to your base, here are a few interesting options to check out.

macraweave wall hanging

How long does it take to make a macrame wall hanging?

If you’re making a small macrame wall hanging, you could probably finish it up in an hour or two.

For larger more elaborate macrame wall hangings, expect to put in several hours of work. You’ll need to take plenty of breaks because it can be hard on your back and your hands after a while!

Luckily, the process is very relaxing and meditative, so you shouldn’t even notice how long you’ve been knotting away.

Semi Circle DIY macrame wall hanging

What is the best rope to use for a macrame wall hanging?

If you want your knots to really hold their shape well, a three strand rope is best for your wall hanging.

They tend to be stiffer and a bit tougher to work with, but they make the shapes of the knots stand out nicely.

If you’re going to be including a lot of fringe in your wall hanging, single strand macrame string is a great choice and it’s really easy on your hands.

It doesn’t hold it’s shape quite as well as the three ply, but it has a beauty all of it’s own and sometimes it’s just what you need to get the look you want.

macrame mandala wall hanging

How do you hang a large macrame wall hanging?

There are a couple of ways to hang a large macrame wall hanging.

One way is by tying a hanging rope on each end of the dowel using the constrictor knot and then hanging it up on the wall with a nail.

If you don’t want to do that, you can also just put two (or more) long nails in the wall and leave them sticking out a couple of inches.

Then you can rest the dowel of your wall hanging across them and you’ll barely be able to notice the nails.

If you go that route, be sure to use a level to get the nails nice and straight, and you might want to use drywall anchors and screws instead depending on your wall.

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OK, now that we answered some common questions, let’s take a look at the free macrame wall hanging patterns!

21 Free Step-By-Step Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

Looking for some boho DIY home decor ideas? Check out these eighteen free macrame wall hanging patterns!

They include video tutorials and written instructions and are easy enough for beginners and beyond.

I hope you enjoyed these free macrame wall hanging patterns!

If you make one of these, please share a pic to Instagram and tag me @marchingnorth. I love seeing your creations, it really makes my day!

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21 Free Step-by-Step Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns (Beginner Friendly!)

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    1. Sorry about that, I didn’t realize I forgot to add the dowel length! For that project, I used a 36″ long dowel, but I cut it down to size once I finished the wall hanging. To do that I used a little hacksaw, the dowels are pretty easy to cut. Then I sanded the ends down to smooth them out. The wall hanging ends up being around 16″ wide, so if you didn’t want to cut it down to fit, I’d probably start with about a 18″ dowel. I hope that helps!

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