3 Ideas for Finishing Punch Needle Projects [with videos!]

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Are you looking for ways to finish your punch needle projects?

Snake plant mounted on a frame | finishing punch needle projects

In this tutorial, I’ll show you three simple ways you can finish your completed punch needle designs.

Do you ever get to the end of a punch needle project and then suddenly it dawns on you that you don’t know how you’re going to display it?

Punch Needle Pillow | finishing punch needle projects

Don’t worry, I got your back.  These punch needle finishing techniques are simple and the end result looks neat and professional.

There are hundreds of ways you could display your punch needle creations. 

You can mount them onto boxes and plaques, make them into seat covers or rugs, add them to clothing (or punch them directly onto clothing!), turn them into plushies.  Seriously, so many options.

Today I’m going to stick to home decor options: two ways to finish a wall hanging and how to turn your punch needle design into a pillow.

As I make new tutorials with different finishing techniques, I’ll add them to this post, so be sure to check back for updates!  (Follow me on Instagram or Facebook just to make sure you don’t miss any new posts!)

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Finishing Your Punch Needle Embroidery Hoop with Felt


Step 1: Trim the Excess Fabric

trim the excess fabric | finishing punch needle

I recommend leaving about a 3” border around the hoop.  It’ll most likely be overkill, but you can trim the extra fabric later.

Step 2: Secure Fabric to the Back with a Running Stitch

Running stitch

Fold the fabric over the hoop so that’s easier to sew.  Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end.  

Insert the needle into the underside of the fabric so the knot stays hidden.  Then do a running stitch all the way around the hoop.  

Once you’ve sewn all the way around, tie a double knot and trim your thread.

Running stitch done

Now you can trim the excess fabric down if you like.

Trim excess fabric | finishing punch needle projects

Step 3: Add the Felt

Cut a piece of felt slightly smaller than your embroidery hoop.  You want it to cover the back, but not extend past the edge.

I recommend using a curved needle for this part because it’s so much easier.  Thread it with thread that matches the felt and tie a knot at the end.  

Insert the curved needle into the back of the felt only, so the knot will be sandwiched between the fabric and the felt.

whip stitch around the hoop

Do a whip stitch all the way around the hoop.

whip stitch around the hoop | finishing punch needle projects

Once you’ve sewn all the way around, take one last small stitch in the embroidery fabric, and tie a double knot to secure.

Cut the thread but leave a long tail.  Thread it back onto your straight needle, and then insert the needle in between the felt and the fabric. 

Bring the needle out about an inch or two away, pull the thread tight, and cut it flush with the felt.  This will make the end disappear into the fabric.

Finishing punch needle projects

Now your finished punch needle embroidery hoop is ready to hang!

Add the felt | finishing punch needle projects

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Finishing Your Punch Needle Project with a Wooden Frame

Snake plant punch needle pattern


Step 1: Center Your Punch Needle Design and Anchor it to the Frame

center punch needle in frame

Make sure your punch needle design is lined up exactly where you want it on the frame.  Once you’re happy with it, use one staple to attach one side of the fabric to the frame.  

carefully staple one side | finishing punch needle projects

Then move to the opposite side, stretch the fabric tight (but not so tight that it distorts the fabric), and staple it once. 

Staple the other side

Then do the same thing on the other two sides. 

Step 2: Staple Along the Sides

Staple along the side

Now that it’s anchored, go ahead and staple along the long sides of the frame.  Don’t staple into the corners yet, we’ll miter them in the next step.  

Step 3: Miter the Corners

Starting in one corner, fold the fabric over diagonally.  It’ll be a triangle shape.

mitering the corner | finishing punch needle
fold the corner flap over

While holding the triangle of fabric down, fold the fabric on one side of the corner over, make sure it’s lined up and folded neatly, and staple it into place. 

staple the corner

Do the same thing with the fabric on the other side of the corner.

Staple other side of the corner

Repeat this process on all of the corners.

Step 4: Finish Stapling

Now that the corners are done, fill in any spots that haven’t been stapled.  Make sure to pull the fabric tight while you’re doing this.

Finish stapling around the frame

Step 5: Trim the Excess

I recommend trimming some of the excess fabric so it isn’t super bulky when we add the felt.

Trim the excess fabric | finishing punch needle projects

Step 6: Add the Hanger

Cut a piece of jute cord about 8 or 9 inches long (I eyeballed it).

Make jute hanger

Fold it in half and make an overhand knot towards the ends.

Use the ruler to find the exact middle of the top of your frame and mark it.  

Staple the jute hanger to the frame where you made the mark.  Add a couple of staples to make sure it’s secure.

Attaching jute hanger | finishing punch needle projects

Step 7: Glue on the Felt

Add a bead of tacky glue all the way around the frame, including over the hanger.  

Add glue to the edges

Lay the piece of felt out on your work surface.  Pick up the punch needle frame and press the side with glue down onto the felt. 

Press punch needle frame onto felt

Flip it over and smooth the felt against the frame, making sure it’s fully glued.

Flip it back over and set a heavy book on top and let it dry overnight.

Step 8: Trim the Excess Felt

After the glue has dried overnight, trim the excess felt all the way around the frame.  

Trim the excess felt

Be careful not to accidentally cut into the punch needle fabric or cut the hanger off.

Now your finished punch needle frame is ready to hang!

Finished punch needle project on wooden frame

Turn Your Punch Needle Project into a Pillow

Punch Needle Pillow | finishing punch needle projects

This is a fun way to display your punch needle project and only requires basic sewing skills.

Click here to see the Punch Needle Pillow full tutorial and video!

In Summary

I hope you enjoyed these punch needle finishing techniques and now you have some finished punch needle projects to display in your home!

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3 Ideas for Finishing Punch Needle Projects

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