Easy Chunky Crochet Blanket Free Pattern (& Video!)

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This chunky crochet throw blanket pattern is so luxurious and squishy, plus it’s crazy easy and it works up fast with super bulky yarn. You gotta love a free crochet pattern like that!

I’ll show you how to make this cozy throw with chunky tassels in today’s easy crochet pattern and step by step tutorial.

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Before we go much further, let me tell you that this blanket is heavy.

I weighed it… it came in at 6 lbs.

me squishing this chunky crochet throw blanket with my hand

So just know that going into this thing! Personally, I LOVE a heavy, cozy blanket.

It’s also incredibly soft and very squishy. It’s perfect for laying on the couch and snuggling under when it’s cold outside.

These blankets make great gifts for people that love all of those things.

Over all this is an easy blanket to make with simple stitches and a large crochet hook, and very beginner friendly.

Best Yarn for this Chunky Crochet Blanket Pattern

To get this level of squish, I held together two strands of bulky weight yarn (specifically, Lion Brand Hometown) and used a 15 mm hook.

Lion Brand Hometown Yarn bonus bundle in Dallas Grey

I highly recommend buying the Bonus Bundle size of this yarn because it’s twice as big as the regular skeins.

You won’t have to add yarn as many times that way!

And I also recommend taking advantage of sales when you purchase the yarn for this blanket.

Crochet blankets take a decent amount of yarn and the cost can add up.

I got this yarn at Michael’s and they had a discount code going at the time which helped avoid extra cost. Be sure to look for that discount code!

This yarn is size 6 bulky, so if you want to substitute a different super chunky yarn that should work as well. Just be sure it’s soft and washable.

Back of the yarn label

More Bulky Yarn Crochet Blanket Patterns

Looking for more chunky blanket patterns that work up fairly fast? Here’s are a few free crochet blanket patterns to try:

Skill Level

Easy Beginner

Supplies You’ll Need

Finished Blanket Size

  • Approx. 48″ x 54″

Gauge doesn’t matter for this pattern, and you don’t have to block it.

NOTE: If you want to make this blanket in different sizes, you’ll just want to make the starting chain as long as the desired width of the blanket and crochet rows until it’s your desired length.

51 rows equaled about 54″ long (this is a stretchy stitch pattern so it’s hard to get exact measurements), so you can sort of roughly say each row adds about an inch of length, give or take.

Larger sizes will take more yarn and smaller sizes will take less, but I haven’t tested them yet so I can’t say exactly.

Stitches and Abbreviations

This pattern is in US crochet terms.

  • ch – chain
  • st – stitch
  • bb – back bump (when you turn the starting chain over to the back, there’s a loop called the “back bump”)
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • 3LO – 3rd loop only – using the stitch combo of half double crochet and working in the 3rd loop gives a pretty knitted effect to your rows
  • finish off – cut the yarn, leaving a tail of 5 or 6 inches. Pull the loop your hook is on until the yarn end comes through and pull gently to tighten.


Turning chain 2 at the beginning of the row does NOT count as a stitch.

Video Tutorial

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Easy Chunky Crochet Blanket Instructions

Holding two strands of yarn together as one, attach the yarn to your hook with a slip knot. Ch 67.

Keep even tension and don’t make the chains too tight or too loose. Try to relax while you work, if you’re all tense you’ll make tighter stitches.

Row 1: 1 hdc in bb of 3rd ch from hook, 1 hdc in bb of each ch to end of row. Ch 2, turn. (65 sts)

We’ll be making the first hdc in the 3rd chain from the hook for the first row. After that, you’ll chain 2 at the end of each row before turning, and the chain 2 does NOT count as a stitch.

Turn the crochet chain over to find the back bump (bb). You’ll crochet into it for each stitch in this first row.

Row 2: 1 hdc in the 3LO of each st. Ch 2, turn. (65 sts)

When you turn your work, you’ll see that on the top of the row, there are two loops that form a V shape for each stitch. Since we’re doing half double crochet, there’s also an extra loop on the front down below the top V’s called the 3rd loop.

this is the 3rd loop in half double crochet
the third loop (highlighted in pink)

We’re going to be working into that 3rd loop only and ignoring the top V loops for each row.

If you’re still not sure about which loop to work into, definitely watch the video, it should help you out.

Repeat Row 2 until you have a total of 51 rows.

Adding More Yarn When You Run Out

When one of your skeins runs out you’ll need to tie on the next skein of yarn.

I found that I would run out of yarn with one skein a few stitches before the other, so I just added more yarn to the one that ran out, crocheted a little more and then did the other skein.

The best way to add more yarn when you run out is with the magic knot.

How to Tie a Magic Knot

Take the end of your new piece of yarn and lay it above the end of the old piece of yarn pointing in the opposite direction.

getting ready to add on more yarn

In my example, the old yarn is pointing to the left and the new yarn is pointing to the right.

Tie a knot around the new piece of yarn with the old piece of yarn, leaving a longish tail in the new yarn on the right side of the knot.

knot tied with old yarn around new yarn

Now take the tail you left of the new yarn and tie a knot around the old yarn to the right of the first knot.

tie a knot with the new yarn around the old yarn

Your pieces of yarn will be tied together in two places now and there will be a circle or loop of yarn in the center of the knots.

both knots tied

Hold both pieces of yarn and pull to slide the knots together. Pull really well to sort of mush them together firmly.

pull it really good

Now you can cut the tails of the yarn close to the knot and the magic knot is complete!

Repeat that process every time you run out of yarn and you won’t have any loose tails to weave in and the end of your project.

Finishing Off

Once you’ve finished the last row of your blanket, go ahead and cut the yarn leaving a tail that’s long enough to weave in and finish off.

finishing off the blanket

Use your yarn needle or tapestry needle to weave in the tail on this side and on the starting corner of your blanket.

weaving the ends of the yarn into the blanket

You can leave the blanket as it is, or add the corner tassels.

Making and Attaching the Tassels

Making the Tassels

To make the tassels, you’ll need either a piece of cardboard that’s 7″ wide, or something that’s a similar size and shape.

I used a self healing mat I had laying around, but you could really use anything that’s pretty flat but ridged enough to wrap yarn around.

We’ll be using one strand of yarn at a time for this part.

Hold the end of your yarn against one side of the cardboard, and wrap it around 20 times.

wrapping the yarn around cardboard to make the tassel

Make sure you stop on the same side that you started on so the two ends are on the tassel side and cut the yarn.

Take another piece of yarn that’s about 10 inches long or so. Thread it through the wraps and tie a knot on the opposite end as the yarn ends.

tie the tassel at the top

This is the top of your tassel. You’ll use the ends of the yarn you just tied around the top to attach the tassel to the blanket.

Carefully cut the other loops on the end of the tassel and set the cardboard aside. (You’ll need it again for the next 3 so don’t get rid of it yet.)

cut the tassel ends at the bottom of the tassel

Now we’re going to wrap the top part of the tassel. Take the yarn that’s still attached to the skein and hold the end so it’s even with the bottom of the tassel.

hold the wrapping yarn end down by the tassel ends so it will blend in

Hold it in place with one hand and bring the yarn up to the top of the tassel. This will make it so the ends of the yarn from the wrapped section can just blend in with the rest of the tassel ends.

Wrap around the top of the tassel 5 or 6 times. This will be about an inch from the top.

wrap around the top of the tassel 5 or 6 times

Tie a knot with the two ends of the yarn right next to the wraps. Then cut the other end of the yarn even with the bottom of the tassel.

Trim the tassel so the ends are even and it’s ready to go.

cut the ends of the tassel to even them out

Repeat 3 more times so you have 4 tassels all together.

Attaching the Tassels

To attach the tassels, just find one of your corners and thread one of the long tails sticking out of the top of your tassel into the corner.

tie the tassel onto the corner of the blanket

Tie a knot with that piece of yarn and the other end sticking out of the tassel.

I just tied a basic double knot because I want it to be somewhat easy to remove the tassels if I decide to do so before washing the blanket.

Use your yarn needle to weave the ends you used to attach the tassel either into some stitches on the blanket or down into the tassel and cut the excess yarn.

threading the ends down into the tassel to hide them

Repeat with the other tassels.

Another option would be to make pom poms and attach them at the corners.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to make a super fluffy yarn pom pom!


That’s it! Once you weave in the yarn ends and add the tassels, your blanket is complete!

I hope you enjoyed this free chunky crochet throw blanket pattern and tutorial! If you make one of these, please share it on Instagram and tag me @marchingnorth so I can take a look. I love seeing your awesome creations!

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Easy Chunky Crochet Blanket Free Pattern (& Video!)

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