17 Free Macrame Keychain Patterns (For Beginners)

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Whether you are looking for another keychain to add to your keyring or you want to dip your toe into the world of macrame, you are in the right place! 

In this post, I am sharing 18 free macrame keychain patterns that are not only super cute but are the ideal projects to make if you are brand new to macrame.

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Now, if you have never made a macrame keychain before, it’s the perfect project to make regardless if your macrame skills are beginner or advanced. 

Macrame keychains are (usually) made using basic knots and a small amount of cord.

Plus, since the project is smaller in size, your average macrame keychain can be completed in under 45 minutes (depending on your skill level and how fast you are). 

If you are ready to learn more about macrame keychains, check out the projects below that all have video tutorials!

17 Free Macrame Keychain Patterns

DIY Macrame Diamond Keychain (Free Pattern & Video!)

DIY Macrame Diamond keychain Pinterest image

Learn how to make this beautiful DIY Diamond Macrame Keychain in this beginner-friendly step-by-step tutorial! 

This macrame keychain is a fun DIY project and a great way to practice your double half-hitch knots, lark’s head knot, and a couple of square knots.

Plus, this tutorial includes a free pattern and video tutorial!

DIY: Easy Macrame Keychain | Macrame Tutorial | Step By Step

Using 3mm single-ply string, wood beads, and double half hitch knots, you can create this stunning boho macrame key chain! 

In this easy step-by-step tutorial, you use basic macrame knots to create a modern-style keychain.

This project is ideal for beginners and is easily customizable if you would rather use colorful macrame cords instead!

4 DIY Colorful Wrapped Tassel Keychain


These colorfully wrapped DIY tassel keychains are so much fun and easy to make with some scrap macrame cord and colorful yarn or embroidery floss!

If you have lots of leftover macrame string or rope scraps, this is a great way to use some of it up and make something beautiful while you’re at it.

Also, you can change up the colors of the top of the tassel for a different look and even use scraps of fabric or ribbon to wrap it for some added texture!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to all the keychain options you can make!

Macrame Heart Keychain tutorial, Heart Pattern Macramé Key Chain

Tell someone how much you love them with this adorable macrame heart keychain! 

This pattern uses easy knots like the reverse lark’s head knot, double half hitch knot, and gathering knot to create a fun heart keychain that is detailed but not overly large.

It would be perfect for any key ring and would be a great gift idea for tweens, teens, and adults!

DIY | Macrame Infinity Keychain Tutorial

If you love unique pattern designs, different textures, and a longer keychain style, then this infinity keychain is for you! 

Using the easy steps in this video tutorial, you can create an infinity-style keychain whether you are a beginner or an advanced macramaker.

When looking at the pattern, the one thing that stood out to me was how easy it is to adjust the length.

This is because since you are making the infinity pattern over and over, you have the choice of how many ”rings” you want to make for your keychain. 

For example, in the video, measurements are shown for an infinity keychain that has 3 rings and an infinity keychain that has 5 rings.

So, depending on the cord lengths that you have on hand, you can easily make this keychain without needing a ton of macrame supplies!

Easy DIY Spiral Macrame Keychain (Free Pattern!)

spiral macrame keychain pattern Pinterest pin

Learn how to make a super cute and easy macrame key chain with this free pattern and video tutorial!

This DIY keychain pattern uses the spiral knot, which is a very beginner-friendly knot and a great way to get started with macrame.

Along with the spiral knot, you also use the lark’s head knot to attach the cord to the keychain ring, and the wrapping knot (sometimes called a gathering knot) to finish off the keychain.

You can learn 3 different knots with this one easy pattern!

Macrame Cross Keychain | Easter Special | Easy DIY Macrame Tutorial

Do you love the look of macrame crosses? Then this keychain is for you! 

In this simple tutorial, you learn how to make a macrame cross keychain using basic knots and two colors of macrame cords.

The keychains would make great gifts all year round but would be perfect for Easter, Christmas, or even a baptism!

Plus, don’t even get me started on how cute these would be in different colors!

DIY Macrame Basic Knots Keychain | Square Knot | Double Half Hitch Knot | Beginners Tutorial

If you are looking for a keychain pattern for a complete beginner, then you will love this basic knots keychain!

This pattern uses alternate square knots and double half hitch knots to create a simple but intricate-looking keychain.

However, the best thing about this pattern, is that the wrapping on the end draws in all of the cords so you have a nice tassel look that doesn’t fray on either side! – Yay to no fraying!!

Leafy Vine Free Macrame Keychain Pattern


Learn how to make this simple DIY macrame keychain with a leafy vine pattern in this step-by-step tutorial and video!

This adorable macrame keychain is made using mostly horizontal and diagonal double half-hitch knots.

It would be great for handmade gifts and is also a fun idea if you’re looking for a craft project for teens!

DIY: Macrame Wristlet Keychain | Macrame Tutorial | How To Make A Macrame Keychain

We can’t talk about keychains and not talk about wristlets! 

If you love keychain wristlets and macrame, then this pattern is the best of both worlds!

That is because, in this step-by-step tutorial, you learn how to make a keychain wristlet that will fit your wrist perfectly.

The pattern is easy to follow and can even be used in other macrame projects like plant hangers, layered wall hangings, and even dog leashes! 

Easy Macrame Keychain Tutorial | DIY | How To Make A Macrame Keychain

If you are a Swifty, then you will love this friendship bracelet-style macrame keychain! 

This keychain pattern has a friendship bracelet-style look and is reversible.

You don’t need that much cord to make the keychains, and the pattern is easy to follow for a beginner.

Also, in the tutorial, the cord colors used are called “Pastel Pink” and “Wine Red.” but you could make these keychains using any macrame color cord you have on hand!

DIY Macrame Heart Keychain Step-by-Step Instructions

For those of you who can’t get enough hearts, here is another macrame heart keychain to try! 

In this pattern, you learn how to make a macrame heart using two different colors of macrame cord and basic knots.

The result is a gorgeous heart keychain that would look cute on a keyring, backpack, or purse.

Macrame Mermaid Tail Keychain DIY // Tutorial + Video

diy mermaid tail macrame keychain

Learn how to make a simple DIY macrame mermaid tail keychain in this step-by-step tutorial!

This mermaid tail macrame keychain uses the larks head knot, diagonal double half hitch, and the wrapping knot.

If you or someone you know is a big fan of mermaid stuff, this is the perfect macrame project to try!

Especially if you’re looking for a last-minute DIY gift idea.

Easy Macrame Daisy Keychain | Macrame Tutorial

If you are looking for the cutest macrame keychain on earth, I have found it! 

This macrame daisy keychain is made using a reverse lark’s head knot and muted-colored cord.

The entire piece is attached to a swivel lobster clasp and has a little bow for that extra special touch. 

However, the best part, is that this keychain is perfect no matter your skill level, and would be a great activity for both teens and adults!

DIY Macrame Wristlet Keychain (2 Ways!) Easy Tutorial

both finished macrame wristlet keychains

These cute macrame wristlet keychains are a fun and functional accessory you can easily make yourself!

They add a beautiful boho touch to your everyday items and help keep your keys within easy reach when you have your hands full. 

In this step-by-step photo tutorial, I’ll show you how to make these 2 different versions of a DIY macrame keychain wristlet.  

There’s also a full video tutorial if you prefer to learn that way!

DIY Rosebud Macrame Keychain Tutorial DIY

For those of you who looking for a natural macrame keychain look, then check out this free macrame pattern! 

In this free pattern, you learn how to make a macrame keychain that has a rosebud pattern that includes a wooden bead in the middle.

This particular keychain is ideal for any boho lover and can easily be created in under 30 minutes (depending on your skill level and how fast you macrame)!

DIY Macrame Keychain Braided Two Color | Macrame Keychain Tutorial

If you want a keychain that uses simple knots and has a pop of color, then you will love this keychain macramé design!

In this tutorial, you learn how to make a fun braided keychain using a vertical lark’s head knot with a flower pattern combination in the middle.

This design is made in 2 layers and would be ideal to make using your favorite color of macrame cord!

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed these cool macrame keychain patterns!

Looking for more macrame fun? Check out my other lastest posts!

17 Free Macrame Keychain Patterns (For Beginners)

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