13 Best Punch Needle Kits for Beginners!

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If you’re new to punch needle, you may be feeling fully overwhelmed about what supplies to get, what size needle to use, and how to even use the thing.

I hear ya!  A great option to try at first is a punch needle kit that comes with everything you need.

There are a lot of different punch needle kits available out there.  There are modern punch needle kits, primitive kits, and everything in between.

Today I’m going to show you a few of my favorite punch needle kits for beginners. 

This list includes punch needle embroidery kits (using smaller needles like the Ultra Punch needle) and modern punch needle kits (which usually use larger punch needles like the Oxford).

It’s worth mentioning that the kits I’m showing you below are sold by small businesses that are run by people who are seriously passionate about punch needle. I love supporting small business (and I’m sure you do, too!)

Get ready to meet your new favorite hobby! Needle punching is addictive and so relaxing.

After you take a look at these fabulous punch needle kits, come check out my step by step punch needle tutorial for beginners to get started!

If you would rather pick your own tools and supplies, check out this list of Must Have Punch Needle Supplies for my top picks.

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Trendy Neutrals Kit

Trendy Neutrals punch needle kit from North Shore Crafts

The Trendy Neutrals Punch Needle kit from North Shore Crafts comes with a 12″x12″ piece of Monk’s cloth, an 8.66″ Nurge wooden embroidery hoop, yarn, the pattern, and an instructional booklet.

You can also upgrade the kit to include either the Adjustable Punch Needle or the Oxford #10 Regular punch needle.

There are several other beautiful kits available at North Shore Crafts, plus lots of other great punch needle supplies. I love shopping here!

Mug Rug Kit

Mug Rug Coaster kit featuring the Oxford Punch Needle by Midnight Creative

This adorable Mug Rug Punch Needle Kit by Midnight Creative comes with a 7″ Morgan No-Slip Hoop, a piece of Monk’s cloth, #10 Regular Oxford Punch Needle, rug wool yarn, and the pattern for your very own mug rug.

Mug rugs (or coasters) are such a great beginner project, and functional too.

Just imagine setting your hot cup of coffee or tea on your handcrafted mug rug!

Apple Punch Needle Pillow Kit

Apple Punch Needle Pillow Kit by The Urban Acres

The Apple Punch Needle Pillow Kit from The Urban Acres comes with prepped Monk’s cloth, cotton yarn, a Snap Frame, backing cloth, an instructional booklet, and the pattern.

For an additional fee, you can also get the Oxford punch needle included with this kit. You’ll need a few extra supplies and a sewing machine to finish the project.

Isn’t this the cutest punch needle idea?! This eye-catching pillow would look amazing on your sofa!

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Rainbow Punch Needle Kit

Rainbow Needle Punch Embroidery kit by MiniMasterpiecesAZ

The Rainbow Punch Needle Kit from MiniMasterpiecesAZ comes with an adjustable punch needle, four colors of yarn, Monk’s cloth pre-stretched into a cute wooden frame with the pattern preprinted onto it, instructions, and extra threaders.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this! Just punch the design and it’s ready to display. This would be a great first punch needle kit for kids as well as adults.

Beginner’s Kit – Celestial Hoop

Punch Needle Beginner's Kit - Celestial Hoop by Whole Punching

This Celestial Punch Needle Beginner’s Kit by Whole Punching comes with dyed Monk’s cloth that’s been pre-stretched and glued into a 7″ wooden embroidery hoop, yarn, an adjustable punch needle tool with threader, and instructions to complete the project.

I think this is a great punch needle kit for kids and adults! It’s simple, beautiful, and a great confidence building project.

The Punch Box – Folklore Kit

The Punch Box - Folklore Kit by myraANDjean

The Punch Box Folklore Punch Needle Kit by Myra & Jean comes with Monk’s cloth pre-stretched on an 11″x14″ frame, yarn, the pattern, and a link to written and video instructions to help you complete the project.

Optionally, you can upgrade the kit to include an adjustable punch needle.

This kit is based on a folklore design from Slovakia and comes in two different colorways. You can easily punch the beautiful design and hang it right up on your wall!

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Creative Club Package

Creative Club package Punch Needle Kits for a Group by North Shore Crafts

Host a punch needle party with one of these convenient Creative Club Punch Needle Kits from North Shore Crafts!

They come in sets of five or ten, and each set includes either the Oxford #10 punch needle or an Adjustable punch needle, a yard of Monk’s cloth, and a #6 Nurge embroidery hoop.

You’ll save money on supplies for a group with these kits. Depending on the options you choose it can get down to $38 per person! It’s a great deal.

Lavor Punch Needle Starter Kit

Lavor Punch Needle starter kit by MiniMasterpiecesAZ

The Lavor Punch Needle Starter Kit from MiniMasterpiecesAZ comes with the Lavor punch needle set, a 6″ wooden embroidery hoop, a piece of Weaver’s cloth and a piece of cotton cloth so you can see what fabric you prefer, and five colors of embroidery floss.

I love the Lavor needle set! They are adjustable and the needles are slightly larger than the Ultra Punch but still embroidery size.

This is a great kit to get started with needle punch embroidery!

Beginner Punch Needle Kit – Flamingo

Ultra Punch Beginner Punch Needle Kit - Flamingo by Creative Fiber Works

This Flamingo Beginner Punch Needle Kit from Creative Fiber Works includes the Ultra Punch Needle, embroidery floss, an interlocking hoop, Weaver’s cloth with the preprinted pattern, an extra piece of Weaver’s cloth for practice, and a wooden hoop to display your finished piece.

Isn’t that design adorable? This kit is a great way to upgrade your wall decor and learn punch needle all at once!

DIY Needle Punch Kit – Chicken

DIY Punch Needle Kit - Chicken by The Urban Acres

The Chicken DIY Punch Needle Kit by The Urban Acres comes with a 12″x12″ pre-stretched and preprinted Monk’s cloth frame, yarn, and an instruction booklet.

You can upgrade the kit to include either the Adjustable punch needle or the Oxford punch needle as well.

This kit is perfect for a beginner and that chicken design is so cute! With the pre-stretched Monk’s cloth, it’s easy to just hang it straight on the wall when you’re done.

Russian Punch Needle Embroidery Kit

Russian punch needle embroidery kit from MiniMasterpiecesAZ

This Russian Punch Embroidery Kit from MiniMasterpiecesAZ comes with a set of two Russian punch needles in different sizes, a 6″ wooden embroidery hoop with Weaver’s cloth pre-stretched, five colors of embroidery floss, and two threaders.

These Russian punch needles are small and perfect for detailed projects. They are packaged in a convenient plastic tube which is great because those needles are sharp!

If you’ve been interested in Russian punch needle embroidery, be sure to check this kit out!

Beginner Punch Embroidery Kit – Sheep

Beginner Punch Needle Embroidery Kit with the Ultra Punch Needle - Primitive Sheep by Three Sheep Studio

This Sheep Beginner’s Punch Needle Embroidery Kit by Three Sheep Studio includes Weaver’s cloth, the Ultra Punch Needle set, three full-sized balls of premium Valdani hand-dyed perle cotton thread, and the pattern with very detailed written and photo instructions to complete the project.

You’ll need to purchase a 7″ to 10″ No-Slip hoop separately.

If you love primitive punch needle designs, this is a great starter kit for you! Valdani perle cotton is the cream of the crop when it comes to punch needle embroidery thread. Don’t miss this kit!

Punch Embroidery Beginner’s Kit

Punch Needle Embroidery Beginner's Kit featuring the Ultra Punch Needle set, Morgan No-Slip Hoop and Weaver's cloth by Olympic Wool Works

The Punch Needle Embroidery Beginner’s Kit from Olympic Wool Works comes with 1/2 yard of Weaver’s cloth, the Ultra Punch Needle set, and a 7″ Morgan No-Slip hoop.

This kit is perfect if you already know what design you want to punch and what embroidery floss to use, but you just need fabric, a punch needle, and a good hoop.

Instead of worrying if you have the right fabric and punch needle combo, just start with this kit and get down to punching!

In Summary

I hope these awesome punch needle kits have inspired you to try out punch needle embroidery.

Be prepared to start and never want to stop! Needle punching is such a fun hobby and you can create so many beautiful and useful things.

Thanks for stopping by! Take a look below for more punch needle info.

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13 Best Punch Needle Kits for Beginners!

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  1. Good day,
    I am Lucy Venter from Mpumalanga in South Africa. Could you please tell me where in S.Acan I order a punch needle kit. I would really love to do it and have been unable to find one or someone to help me. It would be much appreciated

    Best Reguards

  2. I’m not sure if you’ll see this – but thought I’d try. I was lucky enough to get an American Heirloom rug kit at a yard sale for 20.00. Are these good kits? It came with an adjustable needle. I”m nervous to start with this as a first project. Any advice?

    1. I looked on their website and it looks like a kit from American Heirloom would be really good quality! I don’t personally have experience with a kit from there, but I’d love to know how it goes. It looks like they sell supplies to make your own rug, so it might be a larger project.

  3. I want to punch a panda bear on either a pillow or pillow case for my greatgrand son.Wondering about size of thread and size of needle?

  4. I am primarily interested in decorating sweatshirt that will be worn and washed, do you have a kit for this?

  5. I ask a question yesterday, but haven’t received a reply. Do you know any thing about abstract punch needles? I have seen beautiful pictures and would like to try it. Can you help me with this! Thanks
    Marilyn Wichita Ks

    1. Hi Marilyn! I replied I’m sorry you didn’t see it!
      I’ll copy and paste here too: When you say abstract, do you mean like organic shapes and textures? If so, I also love that type of punch needle and I’m working on some patterns for that type of thing! If you’re subscribed to my email list you’ll get a notification when I release them and other fun stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

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