How to Make a Spiral Macrame Plant Hanger (DIY Tutorial & Video!)

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Learn how to make a simple handmade macrame plant hanger using basic knots in this step by step tutorial and video!

Spring is in the air, and if you’re a plant lover it’s the perfect time to start making macrame plant hangers.

It may not be quite warm enough to start digging in the garden, but you can still get more greenery in your home after the cold winter months.

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This spiral plant hanger uses a few simple knots and cotton rope. All the knots are beginner friendly, so even if this is your first macrame project, you can do this!

Prefer a printable pattern without any interruptions? You can purchase the PDF version of this step by step macrame tutorial over in my shop! Thank you so much for your support.


The spiral knot (sometimes called the spiral square knot) is made by tying a half knot over and over in the same direction. It naturally begins to twist around in a spiral, pretty cool, right?

It takes this project from being an average plant hanger to something really fun and beautiful!

Here’s a picture of the finished plant hanger being held by my hubby (no, that’s not my arm, lol).

person holding finished macrame plant hanger with an Arabica coffee plant inside

Besides that, we’ll be using square knots and a couple of wrapping knots.

You can find out more about those beginner macrame knots and several others in my Basic Macrame Knots for Beginners post.

basic macrame knots for beginners icon showing a woman tying a square knot on a macrame wall hanging

If you want to, you can add some large wooden beads to the arms of the hanger, but I didn’t in this tutorial. Feel free to make it your own!

A 5″ plant pot fits perfectly in this easy macrame plant hanger, but it should also work with 4″ – 6″ and maybe even larger.

It’s always a good idea to do a test fit before you do the last wrapping knot, and you can adjust the knot spacing of the basket section to fit your pot better if need be.

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three hanging macrame plant hangers and a woman holding one


  • 3mm macrame rope (mine was 2 ply) in the following lengths:
    • 6 pieces @ 92″ long (inside cords)
    • 2 pieces @ 146″ long (outside cords)
    • 2 pieces @ 24″ long (wrapping knots)
  • 2″ wooden ring (these ones are the only ones I trust NOT to break!)
  • sharp scissors
  • a potted plant in about a 5″ pot (can be a bit smaller or bigger)

How to Make a Spiral Macrame Plant Hanger

Step 1: Attach the cords to the wooden ring

Thread the 8 cords evenly through the wooden ring. Make sure you have the two long cords on the left and the right and all the shorter cords in the center.

macrame cords threaded evenly through a wooden ring

Step 2: Tie the spiral knots

You’ll tie the spiral knots holding 2 long cords on the left as one cord and the two long cords on the right as the other cord.

Hold the left cords in front of the center cords in the shape of a number 4.

hold the left cord in front of the center cords in the shape of a number 4

Bring the right cords up under the left cords and behind the center cords. Bring the ends through the loop on the left.

Pull both cords to tighten up the knot.

pull both ends of the cords to tighten the knots

Now repeat that until you have 25 spiral knots all together.

continue tying spiral knots until you have 25 all together

Step 3: Tie the first wrapping knot

Take one of the 24 inch pieces of cotton cord and hold it against the other cords in a U shape, with the short end sticking up on the left.

hold the cord in a U shape against the bundle of cords to tie a wrapping knot

Wrap the long end of the cord around about 6 times. Then thread the end you’ve been wrapping with through the loop that’s sticking out on the bottom of the wraps.

wrap the cord around about 6 times

Pull the top cord that’s sticking up and bring the loop up about halfway under the wraps.

pull the top cord to tighten the wrapping knot

Cut off the 2 excess pieces of cord from the wrapping knot. Poke any excess cord up under the wraps with the end of your scissors.

poke the excess cord up under the wraps with the end of your scissors

Step 4: Make the plant basket

Measure down about 12 inches from the bottom of the wrapping knot.

measuring down 12 inches from the wrapping knot

Now we’re going to tie four square knots to make the top of the plant basket area. Grab 4 cords that are close together and tie a square knot at the 12 inch mark.

one square knot tied at the 12 inch mark

Continue tying square knots around until you have 4. Make sure they’re even so your plant hanger isn’t crooked!

four square knots tied at the 12 inch mark to form the arms of the plant hanger

Measure down about 3 inches and tie a square knot between two of the square knots from the previous row.

measure down 3 inches from the first row of square knot and tie the second row of alternating square knots

Repeat that around tying 4 alternating square knots all together.

how the plant hanger basket will look once you've tied all the alternating square knots

Before you make the wrapping knot, you might want to test out the basket with your plant pot and make sure it looks right. You can always change the spacing between the knots a bit if it’ll better suit the size of the pot you’re planning to use.

Step 5: Make the last wrapping knot

Grab the second pieces of 24 inch macrame cord and tie one last wrapping knot about 3 inches down from the last row of square knots.

tie the last wrapping knot 3 inches under the last row of square knots

Step 6: Cut the fringe and you’re done!

Cut the fringe about 5 or 6 inches from the bottom of the wrapping knot, and either untwist the rope or leave it the way it is.

Your simple macramé plant hanger is done!

cut the fringe about 5 or 6 inches under the last wrapping knot

I untwisted the fringe on mine. Don’t you just love how wavy it is?!

untwisted fringe at the bottom of the macrame plant hanger

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this fun spiral macrame plant hanger pattern!

man holding finished macrame spiral plant hanger with plant inside

If you make one please share a pic over on Instagram and tag me @marchingnorth so I can take a look.

I love seeing all of your awesome creations, it really makes my day!

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  1. I’m going to add this under another macrame plant hanger since I have about 9’ of cord left. That way I can add a smaller pot under the bigger one. I also plan to add a spiral under it as well. Thanks for such easy to understand tutorials!

  2. Loved your tutorial. It seems really easy to understand. How could I change the directions for a 12″ pot?

  3. This was by far the best tutorial ever!! Such an easy uncomplicated tutorial. I have been looking for an easy one for a long time and did find a few but there directions were not easy for me to follow but this one was!!!

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