65+ Easy and Free Macrame Patterns (DIY Tutorials!)

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Are you new to macrame and looking for some free patterns to try?

This list of free, step-by-step macrame patterns is full of fun projects that range from absolute beginner to easy intermediate level.

Each of these patterns are created with clarity and ease in mind, and many of them include a video tutorial as well to further simplify the process!

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Step-by-Step Free Macrame Patterns

There are so many things you can make with macrame.  It’s so versatile!

You can make fun macrame plant hangers to house your plant friends so they can hang out near your windows. 

four assorted macrame plant hangers attached to a branch

They look lovely in any decor, and are a great way to bring a little nature inside. 

You can dress up your walls with beautiful boho macrame wall hangings. 

These range from simple geometric patterns to more intricate designs, and can serve as the centerpiece of any room. 

finished macrame feather wall hanging

Looking for a more simple project?  Keychains are a perfect thing to try!

These are quick to make, and they add a personalized touch to your keys or serve as thoughtful handmade gifts. 

DIY macrame diamond keychains finished

Lastly, don’t overlook all the different types of macrame accessories you can create. 

Macrame bracelets, earrings, or bags, crafted from various knots and patterns, will lend some boho flair to your outfit, and friendship bracelets are always fun and colorful!

Home decor patterns, like macrame coasters and baskets, are the perfect way to add beautiful, natural texture to your surroundings.

finished round macrame coaster pattern

You’ll find patterns for all of these categories and more in this post.

Essential Macrame Supplies

Before you dive into these macrame patterns, you’ll need to gather the right tools and materials.  

Here are the essential supplies you’ll need to create your own beautiful macrame:

Macrame cord

High quality ropes and cords make all the difference in the finished look of your macrame piece.

You can find macrame cord in many shops, but I recommend purchasing from a place that specializes in macrame.

Here are a couple of my favorite places to purchase macrame ropes and cords.

  1. Supersoft String - Natural Cotton | Niroma Studio

    Grab some beautiful macrame cord, rope or string over at Niroma Studio!

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  2. GANXXET | Macrame, Weaving, Crochet, & Knitting Supplies

    Check out all the beautiful macrame cord and weaving supplies over at Ganxxet!

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Sharp scissors

4 pairs of scissors laid out on a white table

Sharp scissors are another must-have. Clean cuts are crucial for a polished look. 

Dull scissors can fray ends and make tying knots more frustrating than fun. 

Investing in a sharp, reliable pair saves time and keeps your cords in the best shape.

Check out this post where I compared several brands of scissors and rated which ones were the best for macrame.


first filler cord attached to dowel with a lark's head knot

A branch, wooden dowel or rod serves as the backbone of many macrame projects. 

It serves as your foundation, letting your pattern develop beautifully as you knot away. 

These can vary in size and diameter, depending on the scale of your project. 

You can go out and forage for your own branches or driftwood, or purchase a dowel at the craft store.

If you can hang a cord from it, it can be the foundation of your piece!

Wooden rings

For plant hangers and other macrame accessories, wooden rings are a must.

I like to get these good quality wooden rings that won’t break easily.

Top Pick
Wooden Rings

These are some of my favorite wooden rings for macrame plant hangers! They're solid, smooth, and strong.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

But even good quality rings have their limitations.  

If you’ll be making a plant hanger for a particularly heavy plant, you might be better off creating a hanging loop with macrame cord first.

Keychain clasps

1 inch key ring with lobster clasp

If you plan on making macrame keychains, you’ll want to grab some clasps.

There are lots of different ones, but the most common two are lobster clasps and split rings.

Grab a pack of each kind so you have them on hand, and you may want to get them in different sizes as well.

Metal comb or pet slicker brush

When you start brushing out macrame fringe, you’ll see why I recommend a metal comb or pet slicker brush.

Plastic combs just don’t cut it, and the teeth will start breaking off really quickly.

A metal comb can handle tough cotton fringe, and a pet slicker brush really gives you that beautiful, soft fringe look.

Top Pick
Stainless Steel Macrame Fringe Comb

These are a must have for all of your macrame projects that involve fringe!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/19/2024 04:00 pm GMT

Masking tape

It’s a good idea to have some masking tape on hand to put on the ends of your cords so they don’t come unwound, or to make a cutting line before you trim the fringe on a wall hanging.

There are a lot of times that you’ll find yourself looking for a piece of tape while you’re knotting, so go ahead and grab a roll ahead of time.

Tape measure

Lastly, a measuring tape will keep your project to scale. 

Accurate measurements lead to evenly spaced knots and symmetrical patterns. 

This tool ensures that your finished piece matches your initial vision, maintaining consistency across your work.

Together, these supplies form the foundation of any macrame project. 

High-quality materials paired with the right tools not only ease the crafting process but also elevate the end result, allowing your creativity to shine through. 

Basic Macrame Knots

Before we dive into these beautiful macrame patterns, let’s talk about knots. 

Macrame revolves around tying lots of knots, which are the building blocks for more complex designs. 

No matter what type of macrame projects you want to create, knowing the basic knots is your starting point. 

You would be amazed at all the different designs you can create with only a few basic knots!

Luckily, these basic macrame knots are easy to learn! Be sure to check out this blog post that will teach you all of them. 

basic macrame knots for beginners icon showing a woman tying a square knot on a macrame wall hanging

From the simple larks head knot to the versatile square knot, this step by step guide will teach you each knot with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. 

And to make it even easier, I’ve created a free guide with the 5 Basic Macramé Knots every aspiring macrame artist should master. 

This printable PDF has a step-by-step tutorial for each knot and includes full color photos to help guide you through.

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With these knots under your belt, you can create all sorts of beautiful macrame projects.

Get ready to transform simple ropes into stunning creations, all through the power of knotting. 

Remember, every expert was once a beginner – your macramé journey begins with the first knot.

65+ Easy and Free Macrame Patterns

Check out this list of 65+ free macrame patterns with step-by-step tutorials and videos!

These patterns are perfect for beginners and beyond and there's truly something for everybody.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this list of free macrame patterns!

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65+ Easy and Free Macrame Patterns (DIY Tutorials!)

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